My Ghouls

My granddaughter and my daughter,

and my granddaughter,

and my grandson, the taller one on the right.

Yeah.  Those are the ones that take after grandpa.


ChrisB said…
Scary... great pics Pamela. Looks like they had fun!
Sayre said…
Hahaha - everyone wants to be a zombie, it seems. My granddaughter was one too! And that clown? If it came to my door, I'd throw all the candy at it and slam the door. Not a fan of clowns in the first place but THAT??? EEEEEEEKKKKKKK!
KaThYinCoLoRaDo said…
Was this the year of the ghouls and zombies ? I've never seen so many scary trick or treaters. And then throw in a clown or two, and the nightmares start for me. Cute. Cute. Cute . . .
lisa dewane said…
Lets see the ones who take after grandma. :)
Intense Guy said…
Oh my!! Such great costumes!!

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