The people at our bank have always been wonderful.  They are just local yocals as are we.

A few years back a larger bank bought them.  Yet we still had the same friendly atmosphere.

This fall the bank decided to upgrade the computer system.  They chose a three day weekend and we were advised that during those three days we could not access our accounts.

We didn't think that would cause us any problems.  Well, we were wrong.

The first thing that happened after the switch  was our inability to view all of our accounts on line.  It isn't as though we have lots of accounts.  We have three.  One of them is a business account that we use to keep our small business ( and I mean minuscule) items separate.

My husband, WR,  called in the following week and the customer service person at the call center was able to work the problem through which had something to do with passwords.  The customer service representative asked WR if he used the bill pay.  WR answered No.  The business account does not use the Bill Paying feature.

Several weeks later we got a late notice on one of our monthly payments.  My husband checked and it hadn't gone out.  He went into our accounts and there were no bills paid, there were none scheduled to pay. In fact, there was no Bill Paying account.  It was gone.

When the account rep had inquired about Bill Paying, my husband was talking about our business account.  The rep cancelled our Bill Paying access in our personal account!!  The account from which which we had Bill Paying set up automatically for EVERY monthly payment.

WR called the bank and a representative went back to the old computer system and looked at our Bill Paying set up and said that it could be restructured from the old information.  WR asked that this be done as soon as possible.

We thought all was well until we saw two mortgage payments go out for September.  Once more he called the bank and worked with a rep to fix that.  Then we got past due notices for other payments that should have gone out.

After some research it was discovered that the rep went back and picked up information that was too old and instead of electronic payments being triggered, the system generated bank checks that were mailed to outdated addresses.  This was very frustrating and time consuming to set up and make sure our creditors got their payments.

October rolled in and once more our mortgage was double paid.  WR called the toll free number and once more walked through the problem.  They had it fixed, so they said.

Meanwhile, we had a few more late payments and were starting to get concerned about how that would look on our credit rating.

November came.  I had been out running errands and came home to a message from the bank on our answering machine.  Duplicate mortgage payments again. One had gone out and the second was sitting in Queue.  WR was at work so I returned the call to the number provided on the phone message.  Do you know that they wouldn't talk to me about it because it is WR's auto pay and not mine?  My name is on the account and I can access it with the password on line.  And to add more insult, when I tried to get in via internet, my access was denied because of a password problem!   Then, of course they wouldn't discuss that with me either because it is WR's auto pay and not mine. I get so tired of the privacy #!*#.   Especially considering that pretty much nothing is really private anymore.

When WR arrived home from work  he called and went through the problem with a representative.  This time the rep did a more thorough investigation and determined that the mortgage payment was being made by the new system, and the second payment was generated by the old Bill Paying account associated with the old system and an old password.  I'm thinking this was from something the representative up the problem solving line did when attempting to retrieve our deleted Bill Paying account.  And the password problem on the internet was related to the new system and the temporary password issued, which we had already changed to our own.  It was regurgitating.

As for the duplicate payments and the Bill Paying problems.  "It won't happen in December,"  they say.

Taking deep breaths, and bets.  


darkfoam said…
Ugh! How frustrating!
Nancy said…
Wow, you have more patience than I do.

I sure hope you get this mess straightened out soon.
Jan said…
Good grief! Keeping my fingers crossed for December.
Intense Guy said…
Sadly, I won't take your bet.

:( I hope I'm wrong though.
I am certain they will mess it up again because it sounds like they are on a roll. You are more patient than me, I would have closed my account and gone to another bank. I still send out checks the old way. It may take more time but that's okay with me:)

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