ABC’s of Thankfulness

Last year I did a daily thank you note on Facebook.   Many people did the same this year, but not me.  I accepted a challenge to post daily on my nearly abandoned blog.  Because today is Thanksgiving I also challenged myself to sit down at my computer and quickly compose an ABC list of thankfulness.  Without stopping and without making changes.  Here is is: 

A Audubon Bird Watching, of course.
B Brothers Four of them.
C Coffee My morning sustenance.
D Daughters Three lovely.
E Electricity Light up my life.
F Friends/Family Good Friends are Family.
G Grandchildren I would not be grand without them.
H Husband My earthly rock.
I Ice-cream Yeah baby.
J Jesus My Heavenly Rock.
K Keyboard Always connected to my hands.
L Love What the World Needs Now ♪♫
M Money More would be better.  Snort.
N Nature Amazing creation – all of it.
O Oats Hot with blueberries for breakfast.
P Pets Even those cold fish ><>
Q Quiescence We all need a time out.
R Reading B for Books was taken
S Sisters Two remain... and one remembered.
T Tires And what they roll under.
U Uniqueness Nicer than saying odd.
V Veterans Did all we could ask.
W Watercolors They wait patiently.
X Xi Gives me a word in scrabble.
Y you Yes, you.
Z Zinc Wards off colds and ends my list!


That is a great list! Happy Thanksgiving to you too! :)
karisma said…
I am thankful that you translated the first word. LOL I had no idea. Half asleep and I was like HUH? and then Oh thank you. Happy thanksgiving to you lovely lady. Hope you all had a wonderful time. xoxox
Nancy said…
Your list is great - a wonderful idea.

I hope you continue to blog because I enjoy reading your posts.
Intense Guy said…
Ah, another use for that word "Xi"!!!

I see it in Words With Friends but haven't looked up what it means (yet)!


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