Too Long

I purchased two pair of sweats yesterday.  One for me and one for my husband.

When I shop for any kind of  pants, jeans, slacks, whatever... I never pay attention to the length.   That is because I am short and in the fashion industry long legs are the rule.  They are always toooooo long and I have to hem them.  If I can find a pair of jeans that are marked "S" for short (not to be confused with S for slim) it is the exception.   Women's pants usually come in one length.  But if you are lucky, you can find them in two other lengths:  short and long.

My husband tried on his sweats and mentioned they were a little long.  I responded "welcome to a woman's world."  He told me he wasn't complaining, he was just responding to my query about whether they fit him.

That brought me to the age old question:  Why don't women's pants/jeans come in waist width and length like men's?



Coffeypot said…
They could but would have to lie. Like, a 38 waist would be 32 for women. A 48 waist would be a 38 for women. And the length, would that be with sneakers or with pumps?
Not sure and it is a good question! I saw something on TV about jeans and womens sizes lately..but I didn't pay too much attention because I don't like to wear jeans..too restricting. I am a comfy elastic waist kinda gal:)
Nancy said…
Women's clothing have "vanity" sizes - always have and always will.

I know why you can't find shorter pants - they are on the racks in my area! Most stores here have an abundance of Petite sizes, so I have the opposite problem - finding pants that are not too short. It is impossible add length, so I continue searching. I have the same problem with sleeves. I usually end up in the men's department to find a long-sleeve pull over.
karisma said…
I have the same problem. We have two stores that sell jeans in short length. Target and Rivers. The mens jeans are much the same here. I always have to shorten them for my boys. Thankfully they are taller now so we might start getting away with it soon.
Jill said…
preach it sister, and the only clothes that are marked 'short' look like only 90 year olds would wear them. bah, humbug!
Intense Guy said…
Lot of guys have this problem too - I'm short and need shorter pants and they are hard to find (even if the size labeling is "half accurate".)

I'm beginning to think Walmart has their own size scale (XL is really XXL and so on)...

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