A Typical Fall Day?

I didn't get a post in yesterday for my 30 days in November.

Yesterday's birding quest in the morning ended in the middle of nowhere in a downpour.  Yes!  I did look at the weather report -  it was off by several hours with the predictions.

Grand Auntie Fern's check up at the clinic went well.  She is 104 and now in a care home. This summer she fell and broke her hip.  Things have gone down hill.  She is unable to walk.   However, her wonderful sense of humor is intact along with lots of 100 year memories. But short term has been zapped and she now thinks she is a little girl and wants to go home to live with her dad.   Her heart rate and blood pressure are better than mine; she may outlive us all.  Next week it is the eye physician, and the week after that is the dentist.  Hopefully there won't be any snow and ice until after these are completed for the year.

Lunch with my "almost 17" year-old granddaughter yesterday was fun.  We ate Chinese food.  My "Red" is an extraordinary child.  Last year for her birthday we raided the savings and bought a "base guitar."  She has been teaching herself how to play.  She has the musical genes from grandpa and grandma.  (Did you know that is how WR and I met?  Singing?  Awww~~~ beautiful music the past 37 years.)   "Red" also loves to make movies and I think a Pinnacle Program for her computer is on order for Christmas.  She is a junior in high school, but does the Running Start program with the college and will most likely have an associates degree when she graduates in 2015.

Many of the intersections around town were turned into lakes because of the obstacles formed by the amount of leaves around the drains.  The city vehicles were on our street  last week picking up leaf piles raked by residents.  Not all had been gathered and many more have come down to replace the ones removed.    I was afraid my car would stall when I was in a turn lane and my granddaughter yelled  "WOOOO HOOO" as I slowly paddled through a deep one on our way to lunch.

Last weeks snow on the mountains was eliminated by the wind, rain, and warmer weather yesterday.  And this morning the sunshine is bright and beautiful through the naked branches of the maple trees.

AND!  BEST OF ALL.  I looked out on the patio and there was a hummingbird at the feeder that I have left up because of abnormal sightings of hummingbirds. We are not supposed to have hummingbirds in November.  April to September is hummer season.  However, a strange thing has happened over the past decade.  Annas hummingbirds have been seen in our valley during the fall season.  Annas hummingbirds are year-round inhabitants of the coastal areas of Oregon and California.  Now they are making appearances in my back yard and in the yards of other bird watchers.  As my granddaughter would say, WOOO HOOO!


Intense Guy said…
Those little "hummers" are so fascinating to watch!

Ah, even today, the weather can't be predicted. I wonder when if ever our "much vaunted" technology will get it right? :)
Nancy said…
A great post!

I hope you can capture a lot of the memories your grand aunt has treasured all these years. God Bless her.

Isn't the enthusiasm of youth great. Your granddaughter sounds like a talented and personable young woman. Enjoy all the time you can with her. Woo Hoo!
Poor Auntie Fern, I was wondering about her. It must be wretched to go back to childhood in a 104 year old body and hard for you to see that transition.

17 year old grand..we have one too she graduates in the spring..that makes me feel so old:(

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