Today's Headlines

 Vice President Joe Biden called the wrong Martin Walsh.

"You son of a gun, Marty!"  (Huffington Post)
The VP not only called a number and congratulated a stranger for winning an election, but then he called a second wrong number and did it again!

The Veep keeps us in good humor with all his little mix ups, which leads us to another fellow who mixed up music with weapons....

Man Attacks Cab in San Diego with a Didgeridoo.

'A Southern California man has been arrested after police say he whacked a taxi with a didgeridoo in an argument over the fare.'  (NBC News)

While we are on the subject of down under....

Pet Kangaroo Gets Loose in Texas.

'Midland County Sheriff says deputies thought dispatchers were crazy." (ABC News)

Wild turkey in my yard make me 'hoppy', but then I get excited easily.
And speaking of things that make me excited NOT....

Reports of Domestic Incident turns out to be Couple Building IKEA Furniture.

'A concerned neighbour reported hearing banging and screaming.' (Metro)

Someone should write into the wedding vows that "we will never try to build furniture or kids toys together." Building wooden furniture with your wife, of course, is much better than from....

Man Marries tree in Argentina.

'Mad evnironmentalist has taken his 'tree hugger' moniker to another level.' (Metro)

One liners running through my head. Wood you marry me?  Tie the Knot. Do you have your trunk packed? Never leaf me......................


Nancy said…
Too funny - thanks for the chuckles.
Intense Guy said…

I think we need to allow Tree Marriage in this country!


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