Through the Dining Room Window

Today is the last day the neighborhood robins and friends can drink at the rock waterfall.  Tomorrow it will be winterized.
 Note:  Cedar Waxwing down in front

  You can see the net over the pond and on the lower level of the fountain which deters Herons and Kingfishers from having our fish for their winter feasts.

The pesky magpie!

In case you might feel sorry for the thirsty bunch, please know that I will be putting up my heated bird bath to keep the feathered flock coming back!  


Marie said…
Pretty fountain! Wish I had thought of putting a net in to protect the fish - brilliant! I don't think that would keep the 80 lb. labrador out though ;) So nice that you keep a heated bird bath going for the little feathered neighbors.
Intense Guy said…

When will the robins leave? and come back?

I wish we had magpies here - they seem like talented birdies!
Nancy said…
I must tell my niece about using the net on her pool. The larger birds have been feasting.

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