I took a walk above the diversion dam this afternoon.  I loved the sun reflecting off the stubble field, and the snow in the more distant foothills.

The wind was blowing and the birds were not active.  It didn't seem to bother the ducks, however.

This week my 4-year old, 6-year old, and 8-year old grandchildren made "shoeboxes" for Operation Christmas Child.  They found things that they really wanted to have for Christmas, too.  But I hope they learned something about sharing from the experience of picking things out for someone else.  The boxes were due at church today so I snuck around and took a quick cell phone shot right after the service ended.

Doesn't seem possible that the holiday is speeding towards us again. $igh.



Sounds like a wonderful project! :)
Nancy said…
I wish my church was involved with this project. We did something similar one year for children on the nearby Indian Reservation.
Gattina said…
That's really sweet !
Intense Guy said…
Time to start thawing the Turkey... that won't bother the ducks either...


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