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I took Squeak (17 mos) for a walk with his 9-year old sissy, Curlymop, and their  4-year old cousin Mizelle. Although there were plentiful leaves on the ground, the air was still and nothing falling at the moment. Out of the corner of my eye I detected a movement ahead and high above us.  It was one huge elm leaf on a slow dance descent. It landed right on top and completely covered Curlymop's head. She stopped, turned around, and looked and me with a questionable tilt on her eyebrows.  I smiled and pointed at the top of my head.  She reached up and discovered her adornment. She laughed, "Oh Grandma!  I though you patted me on the head." Later, I shared the moment with her auntie Karmyn.  She laughed out loud and said,  "I think that old tree patted her on the head!"



Mizelle: Let's play SPY, gwamma.
Gwamma: Spy? How do we play that?
Mizelle (with an exasperated sigh): Like we did before~!
Gwamma, totally bewildered: You need to remind me.
Mizelle: When we put our feet in the soapy water, and then painted our toes pink.
Gwamma: Oh! SPA!


Mizelle tagged along while I packed and unpacked things for Auntie Fern, transitioning into extended care. The two of us walked from the far end of the facility through several halls and past lots of patient rooms to get to the front office.

Mizelle: Gwamma, there are lotsa wooms here.
Gwamma: Yes, Mizelle. When people grow very old they need help and this place takes care of them. When I grow old will you take care of me?
Mizelle: Yeth.
Gwamma: Will you feed me and push me around in a wheelchair?
Mizelle: Yeth.
Gwamma: Will you change my diapers?
Mizelle: What ~~~~?
Gwamma: When people grow very old sometimes they don't make it to the restroom and they need to wear pullups and diapers.

There was a moment of silence while she was considering this.  Mizelle: Gwamma?
Gwamma: Yes.
Mizelle: I think your gonna have to stay here.

(Still September)
Grandma: Has anyone seen my garden hat?

At church I sat behind a young couple with a baby about a month or two old. I've seen them before but never sat close. On this occasion the young father had one of those new fangled baby wraps and he was holding the fast asleep wee one. Mid sermon a baby on the opposite side of the church began to cry. The mama in front of me started rocking. Then another baby cried on the left side of the large church -- and little mama in front of me rocked harder. And then... I realized I was rocking too!

I was sitting out in the hammock looking at the stars with Dinkum, Z-bub, and Mizelle.  8-year old Zbub asked "Gramma... if I ate a carrot right now would I be able to see them better?"

We were on a shopping trip with the girls -- my going on 17 year old "red", 11 year old Evalina... and 4-year- old Mizelle.  We were back and forth from tweens to teen sizes . Between them was the intimate wear.  One of the kiosks has bras hanging clear to the floor.  
Mizelle stopped and pulled off one of the colorful formed padded variety: "Hey Gwamma.. I wanna try on one of these hats."

Overheard when Curlymop was talking with her friend Miss Sadie.  (There had been a naked bicycle event in Portland.)

Sadie (8):  I saw naked bike riders today.

 Curlymop : Like, completely naked bike riders?
Sadie: Yes!
 Curlymop: Well, I've only seen kinda naked bike riders before.


Nancy said…
These are precious!

I loved the conversation about the assisted living building. Thanks for the chuckles.
Intense Guy said…
"Gwamma? I think your gonna have to stay here" made be burst out laughing! So precious!

:) You do have some sparking gems in those grands!!
Wonderful Thanks for sharing and for the smiles this afternoon! :)

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