A Favorite Flower for a Fun Day

I love all my flowers.  Each one is my favorite when it blooms.

But, sometimes I admit to bias towards the Ligularia that grows beneath the Smoke Tree.

When I bought it, the Ligularia was post bloom and nearly dead in its little container.  It was some kind of late season sale and I could buy everything for 90% off.   That was probably 15 years ago.

It grows a bit larger every year but doesn't seed.  The blooms last for a short time, but I leave the stalks to dry until I can't put it off any longer and then clip them off.  It appreciates the shade of the smoke tree and wilts if the sun reaches the greenery.

This photo was taken in 2007 --  but you can see how large the leaves are and how perfectly the yellow spikes display their confetti style blossoms.

This  was an early morning capture this summer -- a brave stalk sneaking a peak through the branches of the Smoke Tree.

I guess I admire the fragile beauty and its stubborn resolve.  It keeps coming back -- through cold winter's night and hot summer's glare.   So many of my perennials, that seem much hardier, have let me down.


Yeah for all my old blogging friends for their stubborn resolve, too!  Click to enjoy their favorite garden or house plant!

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Jan said…
Nice to meat the Ligularia, a new plant, for me. It's good to have Fun Monday back, isn't it?
karisma said…
What a beautiful plant. I have not seen this one before.
Sayre said…
I really like that - do the butterflies come to it? I love butterfly attractors but here, they also attract yellow jackets. Those aren't fun.
littledebbie said…
Love your pics of plants! I have not seen this one either and love it!
ChrisB said…
Like others who have commented this is also a new plant to me. It is certainly very attractive and I can see why you like it :)
Jan n Jer said…
Hi Pamela...long time no visit! Good to be back. I have never heard of this plant or the smoke tree. It is very pretty and I can understand your appreciation.
Swampwitch said…
Have never heard of Ligularia or Smoke Tree . . . love them both. Of course, we have all enjoyed your garden for a very long time. Someday I plan to see it in person ! Thanks for playing Mon Funday.
karmyn R said…
It is gorgeous - especially brightens up a dark corner.
Gattina said…
That has been a long time you hadn't posted. I just discovered your posts, I had been on holidays in the South of France ! Your Halloween family looks great ! We had nothing here this year for Halloween, not one celebration, even the shops had no decoration !
Faye said…
I admire both your combinations here--the purple and the bronzey smoke tree. Both good foils for the intense yellow of the ligularia.
Intense Guy said…
Such a beautiful flower (and a great bunch of photos that capture its essence too!)

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