A Loving Son

A family sat in front of us at church this weekend.  We know Buzz, the "old man."  My husband played softball with him years ago, and now I see him regularly where we both volunteer.  Of course we see him and his wife across the way at church, yet have never  been more than friendly acquaintances.

Still,  I was very interested when I saw Buzz sitting with his wife, and what appeared to be children, grand children, and great grand children.  

They filled the long pew  just in time for the music to start and for everyone to stand up again.  One of the adorable babies began to fuss and the young father picked her up and headed out to the foyer.  That left an open seat next to Buzz's daughter, right in front of me. 

There was no hesitation when the other young adult male scooted around another family member and claimed the seat next to his mother.  I was pretty sure about that.  They looked so much alike.  I figured he must be around 20.

He put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him, and even kissed her cheek.  There were several more songs during which people were invited to continue standing.  Through them, he never let go of her.  Several times I noticed he squeezed her closer and leaned his head against hers.

Scenarios went through my mind as I watched.  I knew I needed to get my mind back to the songs and not be sidetracked.  I can't help it when my mind starts wandering  into stories on its own.

After service, I asked my husband if he noticed the affectionate son.  We talked about it for a few minutes.   Then we went on with the rest of our day.

Fast forward to today.  Our town has a small but cherished Veterans day parade.  It is held at The eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month.  We stood on the side of the street along with many others. 

I saw him coming down the parade route.  I knew it was him before I even saw his face. The handsome young man from church... walking with his mom on one side and his father on the other.    

He was in full dress Marine uniform.


Home on leave.  Making sure that he was "loving" every moment.  God bless him and his family.


Nancy said…
This is a wonderful post. . .I'm glad you saw this loving son in his uniform, walking with his proud parents.
karmyn R said…
That is Paul Harvey worthy -- And the Rest of the Story
ChrisB said…
Lovely post Pamela brought a tear to my eye!
Sayre said…
What a blessing to have a son who is not shy about showing his affection! That mama and papa should be proud.

My son? He shows affection too, but it's the self-conscious teenager type. When he comes to hug me at the peace, it feels like I've been tackled instead. He'll outgrow that.

Thanks for sharing this story. I loved it!
Amanda Fisher said…
Made me tear up.
Great observations! Thanks for sharing:)
Intense Guy said…
Such a special moment - not just for him - but for all that saw him!
Sandy said…
I don't know how I missed this the first time Pamela. Thank you to all the veterans who are serving and have served and to their parents for having the courage to let them go.
Dawn said…
What a beautiful tribute. Thanks for highlighting it again for those of us who missed it the first time.
katrynka said…
You are being shared around the Internet on FB today, 11/11/2015!!!

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