Foggy Mind - Pumpkin Face

After yesterday's feeding frenzy,  I woke this morning in a fog.  When I looked out the window I realized that I was in good company.  It was also freezing.  The calendar says it isn't winter yet.  Nobody told the weather.

I checked the heater in the bird feeder. I set it on the rock waterfall because the birds already flock to that spot.   That little device has been working overtime by several years.  I've wondered if it would wear thin and produce an electric shock.  It does look a bit worse for wear.

Jack Frost creates delicate filigree for such a cranky old fellow. The Yew is evergreen.  The berries are poisonous.

The Burning Bush.  Also warnings about Toxicity.

The Star Magnolia.  Harmless!

Mizelle's face has her own creative efforts from chowing down on leftover pumpkin pie.  Pumpkin pie - very edible.  Eating it at grandma's computer?  Dangerous!


Nancy said…
Cute post, especially photo of Mizelle.
Intense Guy said…

She is a cutey pie (nearly literally!)

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