It Was A Dark....

It was a dark and stormy night.  Well, that is what the weatherman predicted.  So far, he was right only about the dark.

In fact it got dark way too soon.  Booo to the time change.

There is snow on The Blues and the furnace is happily chugging away at the expense of our pocketbooks.

ElGee, the cat, has started draping herself all over us if we happen to sit down anywhere.  Her  favorite spot is on my computer desk...especially if I'm sitting there.  I get frustrated when she keeps rubbing back and forth on the screen in front of me.  Sometimes she even steps on the keyboard and clicks on something that causes me to pick her up and set her on the floor and shoo her away.

The trees have deposited their attire on top of roads and yards and rooftops.  The leaves fly into our garage when we raise the door and accumulate on our shoes for deposit on my floors and carpet.

The geese and ducks have chased the light of day from their far north breeding grounds and I often hear them calling as they fly overhead looking for their seasonal feeding spots.

It just seems like the winter has arrived much too soon.


Amen to that!! Too dark too soon.
Steve Skinner said…
I agree, it also seem to last longer too.
ChrisB said…
As soon as the clocks change , it seems darkness descends. I really dread the long winter months. :(
Intense Guy said…
I hate the darkness - it sucks the life and energy out of me.

I had to get one of those "sun like" lamps - which really helps me (I'm still amazed it works!)

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