Where is My Cell Phone

Last month my four year old granddaughter asked me if she could look at the photos on my cell phone.  I answered, "sure" and then went on with whatever I was doing.

Later that day I picked up the cell phone and found the following new shots in my gallery.  She was busy.

The land line phone in my bedroom:

The pink Anemones blossoming next to the patio:

The Lobelia in the front yard.  She's not supposed to go out front alone!

This one had me going for a few minutes.  ????  Scratching head.
AWWW! The fish food container that Grandpa left on the patio table.

Grandma (me) at the computer through her own reflection.

There you have it.  The world as seen through the eyes of  Mizelle.


Sayre said…
Those are some very cool pictures! She's got an artist's eye.
Steve Skinner said…
She has a good eye!
Nancy said…
What sweet photos. . .I hope she didn't get into too much trouble for going out without permission.
ChrisB said…
She has talent .... is it a camera for Christmas!!!
karmyn R said…
um - Mr. Caboose did the same thing but what did he take pictures of? - his naked self. All of them had to be deleted.
Intense Guy said…
Mizelle has some real talent for photography!!

Now she needs to learn how to "cover her tracks" when she goes somewhere she isn't sposed to be!

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