Summer Haiku

Bird calls before the alarm rings
The window opened wide

The sun peaking over the eastern mountains
The reflection on the patio table
Morning coffee

Window shades up in my parked car
Sunglasses perched on my nose

The silhouettes of the buildings next to my office
Shadows moving in opposition to the sun
Sidewalk simmers

Abundant fields, brown and gold
The combines dance in the distance
Harvest music

Kids cannonball in the neighbor’s pool
A barbecue wafts enticing invitation
Warm friends

Dark clouds rolling like monster trucks
Lightening and thunder tracks in the valley
Smell rain

The western horizon painted crimson and mauve
Smoke from forest fires burns eyes
Beauty from ashes

Crickets and frogs in competing chorus
The open window an orchestra seat
Summer lullaby


Karmyn R said…
A nice variance on the atypical Haiku - good job!!
Kailani said…
What a great poem. I could totally envision what you were describing! Happy Summer! Here via Blogging Chicks.
CyberCelt said…
Viewing your post via bloggingchicks and really enjoyed your haikus.
Jana said…
Beautiful poetry! Thanks for sharing!

Here from the Carnival!
Julie said…
Love it!! And it is your first? Well done!

Visiting via the Carnival!! But will be back for more!!
YellowRose said…
Very nice!!! *clapping*

Visiting thanks to Blogging Chicks!
janice said…
that is wonderful - incredible images. good job :)
Amanda said…
Ma, did you write that yourself?? Love it!
Anonymous said…
so that is poetry ? weird. ivy

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