Fast Freight

As I listen for the whistle, lie awake and wait. Wish the railroad didn't run so near, 'Cause the rattle and clatter of that old fast freight keeps a-makin' music in my ear.

The Kingston Trio, a famous folk group from the fifties, made that a very popular tune. They must have camped at “Fishhook Park,” on the Snake River in the site furthest from the entrance and nearest to the where the rails curve.

(Buttercup waving at a regular)

I would say the train went by at least every 70 minutes.

Day and Night.

Maybe we’ve never camped so close to the tracks in years past.

Maybe there has been an increase in rail traffic.

Maybe I’m just getting old.

(The Snake at Sunset)


Robin said…
Beautiful picture at sunset, but I think I might've chosen a different campsite. Then again, I don't sleep when I camp (because of all the bears I hear--he he), so I might as well listen to the music on the tracks.........
Walker said…
I feel for you. I can't camp personally. Give me the Hilton any day.
Bonnie B said…
Listening to the trains at night is kind of nice out in the wilderness under the stars. Makes me feel like I don't live in the year 2006.
Masago said…
Don't ya just love that sound when your camping (preferably a ways off in the distance)?
Brad said…
I love Fishhook. Huge trees, lots of grass. The Snake is warm to swim in and boat. The trains usually wake me a few times the first night, but after that, I just sleep through it.

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