One Zuccini

One Zuccini
Two Zuccini
Three Zuccini

I've gotten to the
point I just cannot
eat any

ps. Karmyn, if you can GUESS this is a zuccini - then you win.....


Amanda said…
I'll take a few!! I love to steam 'em and eat 'em!!
Karmyn R said…
I will take some zucchini - something is wrong with blossoms and starts to form and then rots. Everything else in my garden is doing AWESOME this year - but not my zucchini. It looks healthy enough - big and beautiful, but no good vege coming off of it. boo hoo -

That's some irony - I want zucchini and I can't get it. When has that EVER happened?
Anonymous said…
gag. too mushy ivy

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