who ARE you ???

The last three years we've enjoyed a flight of doves that have made their home in our neighborhood. Did you know that their family could also be called a dole of doves? I think I heard my dad once mention a piteousness of Doves. Perhaps that was an old word to describe the mournful little melody you hear as they survey the ground from a high tree limb.

When the Mourning Doves take flight - a shrill chirping sound is made as the air passes through their wing feathers.

The Contessa, our cat, made her first contact last month with several dove in the flower bed. One became aware of her approach and flew up suddenly in noisy response. So did The Contessa. After scoring a "10" in a reverse flip she rushed back to the house to hide under the couch. (She doesn’t get out much!)

Our little flight sit in the maple tree and ask "who ARE' you" in the early morning and then again, later in the evening. No matter how often I answer them, they just keep on asking.

Short memories, I suppose.


Walker said…
They are so pretty, aren't they?

Say, thanks for the link to my mil's blog. She's at church camp for the week so, eventually, I'll be able to show her that link! She will love it if she can just remember to click on your link from her blog!
Amanda said…
Poor Tessy... :)
I am so happy that you can enjoy all these birds from your back yard. I wonder how the trees coming down will affect that?
Robin said…
Did you know that a bunch of rhinos is called a "crash"; and a bunch of sharks a "shiver"? My, those seem most appropriate, don't you think? It's been an educational summer :).
Pamela said…
I posted my own comment on the wrong section

Those are great Robin.
I did a family and baby animal game at a baby shower I hosted once.

My favorite is a "charm" of hummingbirds
Anonymous said…
cute dove ivy

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