In Sweet Memory 1975-2005

In Sweet Memory

of Richie,

lost to cancer

at age 29

one year ago.

Love, Aunti Pam


michele said…
I'm so sorry for your loss. Cancer can be a very hard thing to deal with. My brother-in-law has it now.
Amanda said…
I think about him all the time... I miss him terribly!!
Amanda said…
"we miss our sweet singer"
isn't that enough to make you weep...

Rich and I grew much closer as we got older. We told jokes, watched movies and listened to music together. He was one of the most interesting people I ever met. And he cared about his family and friends. He was a dreamer and a fighter. I am thankful that he married Hollie, because now I have another cousin. But no one could replace Richie, ever. I hold him very near and dear to my heart and will spend my lifetime making sure that he is remembered. He deserves that much. I miss him so much...
Ashton said…
I didn't know richard that well. but when i did get to see him he was cool to hang out with he was my cousin, i wish i got to know him better
Uncle Mike said…
He lives so strong in our memory and I know it will not fade. God makes us all so unique that there is no chance of memories being confused with others. I will spend more time in eternity with him to make up for any missed time. We were so blessed by the time He was given to us--I liked the way He always approached me--I hope he felt the same--A loving Uncle
Debbie said…
I didn't get to know Richie that well, but when I did it was as family and I felt at home. I know that Scott thinks a lot about his cousin and our thoughts and prayers are with Ron and Kay.
He's being missed,but I'm glad I got to know him as much as I did.
Anonymous said…
its hard not to see him anymore, knowind that you saw him from a litle baby, to a adult graduating from 8th grade. we hung out together, got are teah cleaned together. it really hit me hard when i got to talk to him, knowing that it spread a little sunshine,or little joy in his life. it just make you want to spend time with family more, because you never know when you are not going to see them again. its the little things that remind you of him. he was a husband, friend, and a great singer. may you rest, and you will awake in heaven soon, we will again catch up on old times, new times, memories.

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