End of the day, End of the street

It was just a quiet walk at the end of the day, then a desperate run back to the house to grab the digital camera.
We missed capturing the most magnificant part of the sunset, but you can see some of the interesting pattern still remained in the right quadrant. As a painter I recognized the brush strokes pulling in the color from behind the gold edges. Don't you wonder what causes the sky to look like someone's canvas? I've tried to duplicate that gilded edge and the shadow behind it on 140 cold press. I've failed - but as Scarlet O'Hara said, "There's always tomorrow!"


Pass The Torch said…
Beautiful! I linked to you today.
Karmyn R said…
Awesome! I do so miss Eastern WA sunsets. We just don't get them like that over here....sigh
Tricia said…
That's a gorgeous photograph, the background is lovely and the way the windmill? stands out against the background is just perfect. Definitely a frame worthy photograph. :) BTW I came here via Kelly's link to you today.
Amanda said…
I could see that picture framed in the hallway... :) Very pretty picture, I love windmills!
twmw said…
I liked favorites---it's like chooseing between the very best pies--Never to mourn sounds lonely because love is fulfilling risk but reading about the twin loss of companions makes my eyes like an old,old man--can't see to type.. well said--Mike
Anonymous said…
an old windmill. nice. ivy

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