Bee on a cone flower.

Busy as me.


Robin said…
Me likey this picture, did you take it?

And, oh, MY! Guess those furniture delivery boys had no idea WHAT kind of tip they were getting "that" day, lol. What YOU didn't know was the guy who turned his head had eyes in the back of his head...too funny!

Sounds like you've got stories to tell and you know how to tell 'em. Keep them coming :).
Amanda said…
Very clear picture!! I love digital technology!! :)
Pamela said…
yes... took this picture in my backyard the other day.
If I had known how much nicer this new camera was, I would have dropped the old one a long time ago.
Karmyn R said…
Your picture inspired me to do a will have to check it out.
Great picture!!! It feels like summer just looking at it!
Robin said…
Pamela, someone posted to YOU over at PENSIEVE, lol...funny girl, that Shelly!
Anonymous said…
new camera. I want one\ivy

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