Happy Fourth !!!

From our house to yours.

Memories from Independence Day past.
Hey grandkids, this is grandpa, and the USS Ray. He was stationed on this nuclear submarine out of Norfolk, VA. (No, grandpa doesn't really walk on water, only in grandma's eyes.)

Today we're blessed with a short visit from our California grandkids who are here in town with their dad. We played some video games,

donned our sunhats to walk down to the end of the road to feed the neighbors horse some cut up apples ---------------------->

and dressed up for fun



We watched The Sand Lot, one of the best movies ever.

Later their dad is picking them up to take them to the celebration in the park and then do their own fireworks display at their other grandma's house.

Thanks to all who made our country free.


Walker said…
Those are some lucky American grandkids! Thanks to grandpa for helping keep America free.

Land of the free, because of the brave.
Karmyn R said…
Wow - Sailorpop! Can he still fit into that suit with all that bicycle riding?
Julia said…
The Sand Lot IS one of the best movies ever! I finally stopped by your blog... great pictures!!! I love it! Glad you got your yard in... is it surviving in all this heat? I bet it was great to see the grandkids yesturday! Did you watch any fireworks? I love fireworks... AND I LOVE this country!!!! So I get excited when the 4th comes around... Well, see ya later! ;)

Pamela said…
No, he can't fit in that sailor suit, and neither can his daugters
Amanda said…
Oh, thanks for reminding me mom.

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