Toenails for a Cause

I'm going crazy because I haven't trimmed my toenails in several weeks.

The excuse that my round belly gets in the way and I can't bend over is logical. A pedicure at the salon would handle that nicely.

But, I can't do that.

My toenails are growing for my sisters and for my daughters.

Last year I signed up for The Sister Study. A month ago I became an official participant, and committed the next ten years to the cause.

My eldest sister Nelda died of cancer in 1994. My sis who just lost her husband, is a cancer survivor: Breast cancer and Melanoma. Those are not good odds for me or my third sis, Trish.

Plus, I have three beautiful daughters. If ANYTHING I could add to this wonderful campaign can reduce the menace of cancer in their lives, I am willing. Lord, I am willing.

So, here I sit, growing toenails because the Sisters Kit was suposed to be here two weeks ago. In addition to toenail clippings, all kinds of samples are required for the study. Someone will even come to my home to collect blood. Then my life will become a book in someone's laboratory.

Come today kit !!! I'm starting to look like Rasputin.


Karmyn R said…
Can you get them painted a nice color why you wait? Maybe hot pink - in honor of the Komen Foudation? Or maybe Brown - in honor of the dirt in the backyard? Or maye Blue - in honor of the birds who come to visit?
Mark Wayne said…
A noble cause and a good reason to look like Rasputin.

By the way thank you for your kind words on my last post. As you know I really have to feel inspired to go to the trouble thanks for noticing!

Biker Betty said…
Good luck with the study. Your participation will help tremendously. I hope the kit comes soon for you.

Betty :)
Anonymous said…
pedicures for me baby ivy

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