Morning sunshine

I woke up early with thoughts engaging my mind like a secretary thumbing through a rolodex. (Which is the T-rex of Address Books for those gen-x minds who want to know.)

It was either lie there and be miserable, or brew an early pot of coffee, some new hummer nectar, then sit on the patio and sigh.

The camera went with me and there were some fantastic photo ops.

The sun shining between the cedar fencing highlighted a gazillion gnats swarming inches above the green and freshly watered sod. A hummingbird checked out the fresh beverage closest to the patio and then buzzed on its way. I was reminded of some poem about crows when three landed on the farthest posts and eyed me as though I was an interloper. My camera was pointing and clicking. None of the pictures were inspiring. Even the pictures I snapped of some spider webs caught in the dawning rays were dreary. I put the camera away.

After enjoying some alone time on the patio, I was joined by the hubby and we discussed his project over coffee. He has been coming home each day from work to work hours more building a "water feature" in our back yard. That will be the final saga in "The Chronicles of Yardia." Oh just kiddin.... I've actually been chronicling it as THE BACK YARD. We were amused that we already had a water skipper enjoying the pond.

I showered, ate some breakfast, dressed as cool (temperature cool not hip-cool) as I could and stopped once more to gaze out the sliding doors.

And there it was.... the picture I had been waiting for: A Quail cock and hen, and their nine little chicks walking in single file across the lawn. They stopped first under the platform feeder and indulged in a feeding frenzy where I had purposely spilled an assortment of seed. Then they scurried over in a crowd to check out the fall from the finch feeders. The cock then jumped up on the fence to scout out the next yard for predators.

I fought the urge to run for the camera and possibly frighten them away. Instead, I just stood there quietly and allowed the scene to soften my face with a smile. Maybe they'll come back tomorrow and I'll have the camera ready.

(Late for work again.)


Karmyn R said…
isn't it nice to have a working camera for just those precious moments....but them sometimes, you don't want a camer, but only the memory of it!
Kailani said…
Sometimes it just as nice to sit back and enjoy nature. It must have been a wonderful moment for you.

Although, it would have been pretty cool to see that picture!
Robin said…
Pamela...I MISS reading you, and I'm reminded of that when I take time to visit!!! Love the way you see things! On my way to Six Flags w/my sons, my hubby and daughter are on their way out west for a Father/Daughter trip :) (for her 13th bday, which was LAST august). Anyway, I'll catch up soon--with them gone, I'll probably be blogging way too late :/

btw, I loved your recent comments to me:)
Robin said…
love your re-design!!!!! Is that YOU???
Pamela said…
Robin.... I love it!!!!!

I know it's a Charm of hummingbirds, too.
rose said…
Pamela Thanks for your comments I tried to E Mail you regularly but it would not go thru I loved your writing the letter from your father-in-law. I didn't say who was last on the list Mr Manning story because it was my Brother at the top was Rosemary White and at the bottom was Isaac White my brother my regular email address is also I don't know if you have read the rest of my stories anyway if you will write in that address you can see some of the first ones I wrote I don't know about the / if you need that or not I love your stories, Wow you live on the snake River? I have looked that up on the map several times there's something about that name that fascinates me. Rosemary
Anonymous said…
a charm of hummingbirds
and a covey of quail

i'm learning new bird stuff from you


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