It Came. Today It Came. The Sister Study Kit Came Today.
Toenails are history.

But something else in the letter has made me delightfully delirious. They are sending someone over to pick up, and I quote: " completed questionnaires and your urine specimen, toenail clippings ....AND DUST SAMPLES."

Please join me in my little flight of fancy -------

Come on down to the dust cellar. 2006 was a bumper crop. However, we had some other years that might intrigue you. Our 1975 label was very nicely balanced, because there were only three sets of stomping feet. How about a sample from 1977; that was when we added the "snoop" dynamic. Oh! Try this sample from 1980 - it will give you a hint of Mt. St. Helens. The 81 variety was a nice crush from all the 'walking the floor' with "the cakers" in arms. Now this nice blush was produced when the top half of my two-piece came off on the water slide. Another tempting decanter we can open and let breathe is a '96 when the skunk got in the house. Definite musky overtones. This little selection here may have the same quality of a claret, but is distinctive reed carvings from an oboe.
Awww, yes, we had our little Fete de la Fleur, which in French has nthing to do with having feet on the floor, on a regular basis. Just set a spell, brush yourself off when you've made your choice and we'll wrap it up for you.
*The dust will wait.
daughters reminded me of the dee-oh-gee and see-a-tee varieties -- in case you get a wild hair for something with a little more tickle. They just kind of waft around as the ceiling fans keep our climate controlled inventory optimized.


Karmyn R said…
I thought you might mention the hint of deeogee odour that used to linger around the baseboards.
Walker said…
LOL If dust causes cancer, I'm a gonner.

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