Curly Mops Birthday

Curly Mop (one of our 7 grandchildren) turned two years old this week.

Her smile and giggle can cure the gloomiest of days. Pour that and the excitement generated by a birthday into a bottle and we could sell it and become millionaires.

The party was at a park in Portland, so it was a long drive, both ways :)

Our gift, a doll house, was purchased during a spring close out sale at Toys R Us , then hidden in a closet until the big day. It took both grandpa's and a tool box to put it together - - - - - - - - - - -

and a somewhat overwhelmed mommy to find a home for it in a tiny apartment.

That done, we chowed down a 6-foot Sub Sandwich and a 7-layer birthday cake. The layers were separated by heavenly fruit compotes of marionberry, rasberry and strawberry. It was sinful. Curly mop got her very own two-year old size cake that was topped with Bert. You can see which got her attention.

Sesame Street rules in her toy box. She owns at least two copies of every muppet that ever appeared on that show and probably 5 or 6 stuffed or plastic replicas in various sizes of the more popular characters like Big Bird and Cookie Monster. They could be driving cars or they may be appliqued on pillows or play clothes. They sing, they dance, they even potty train! She knows all the characters names and will recite them to you as she fills your lap with them one by one. Then you have to read the books that tell you how to get to Sesame Street. I've been given special priviledges at times because I can sing Elmo's World and sound just like him.

This little guitar was quite a hit. Elmo plays on one side and cookie monster on the other. I see Ben-Jammin' (another grandchild) pointing out the quickest and most effective noise making properties.

There is so much to do,

when you just turn two.


Amanda said…
I posted a comment earlier but I guess it didn't save it! :( I am so glad you guys made it down. I know it is a long drive for such a small party, but it wouldn't have been the same without her grandparents. The guitar is still a hit, but the loud, annoying toy that Sara bought rivals it. I suppose she owes me. I have been giving Olivia obxonious toys for years.

Love you tons and thanks for the dollhouse. She loves it. XOXO
Karmyn R said…
At least Sesame Street isn't obnoxious... it could be worse. She could be a Barney freak.
Anonymous said…
I think bert and ernie are cute.
makes me want to sing the sesame street song. ivy

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