The Challenge

We spent weeks removing rocks from our back yard.
And then the hubby went out and bought more rocks !

A truck with a dump bed delivered that 1000 pound rock one day last week and left it on our driveway.

The hubby contemplated several plans that would transport it around to THE BACK YARD. He's so very good at making plans.

His final strategy was to employ a pallet dolly and the muscles of several of his former co-workers: the firefighters. He stopped in at the fire station and dropped some hints about trying to move this BIG rock. There didn't seem to be much enthusiasm for his project and he heard nothing more. No response, no pallet dolly. Now what?

What a suprise when the doorbell rang at 7:30 on The Fourth of July and there stood seven firefighters, muscles flexed. With their challenge juices rolling they said, "We're here to move your rock."

The hubby said, "I don't have a pallet dolly!"

They said, "We'll figure it out."

They looked around the carport where we've stacked our construction materials and found the tool of choice: a 4 x 4 piece of lumber.

The firefighters rolled the rock onto the 4 x 4, two at each end, and the others positioned themselves to keep the rock balanced.

Halfway to THE BACK YARD destination, they had to set it down. It was just too hard to balance. Instead, they decided to pick up the rock. And that is exactly what they did.

They carried it to its final resting place, grunting, groaning and encouraging each other all the way. That's what firefighters do.

The hubby has been retired for eight years and has missed the 'family' he was part of for 26 years. He was overcome with emotion by having four former co-workers and three new recruits show up to help him. There is true camaraderie among those who risk their lives for others.

(Me? I enjoyed the grunting and the groaning.... I'm not that old!)


Karmyn R said…
OH yeah - that sod looks awesome too!
Amanda said…
Well, isn't that just neat !! I am glad those boys bucked up to help dad. I am sooo stinkin' jealous tho !! I want firefighters to groan and grunt in MY backyard!!
Walker said…
Holy Moly! Sweaty firemen. Plural. That I like.
Anonymous said…
firefighters rock K) ivy

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