Hummingbirds and Heat

It's been in the triple digits here! So, every morning I have been diligent and cleaned my hummer feeders and made fresh nectar.

If you want to see a fantastic picture buzz on over to Subtle Oak Flavor and see the hummingbird with it's tongue out ready to drink.


Walker said…
That is so cool. Thanks for the link. I'm thinking it is the first time anyone has ever linked to me.
Kailani said…
What a great picture! I didn't even know they had tongues.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Click & Comment Monday went okay for my first try. I made it through about 20 blogs. I had to stop because I was starting to get into a weird area of blogs that I couldn't relate to. It was fun,though!
birdchick said…
I just discovered this blog and I love the tag line. You're my kind of woman!
Anonymous said…
since the triple digits here in california, i have had NO hummingbirds..
Anonymous said…
I like to see them. but don't very often

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