Digiree dood it

Guess who dropped the digital camera and broke it?

Let us play the 3 guesses game.

I'll give you one hint: It was one of the 2 skinny women inside of me always fighting to get out.

No ice-cream for her tonight.


Karmyn R said…
OH NO! No more great sunset pictures readily available for viewing! boo hoo - oh well, time to get a better one. (snicker)
Pamela said…
yeah... well maybe the other skinny woman pushed her...

The hubby did go purchase one - and it is way more complicated. I tried reading the manual last night.

I'm having a hard time with the off/on button !!!!

But the first thing I did was attach the strap that goes around the neck.
Kailani said…
I know of this saying and I thought of you . . . There is a thin woman inside me screaming to get out. I can usually keep her quiet with chocolate. LOL!

Thanks for visiting me! And yes, your comments did confuse me a little but I think I figured it out.

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