Your New Year's Resolutions

I picked up this silly quiz from Michele (The blogging Chicks Guru) It suggested she get a pet pony and get in shape with pilates. Mine are just downright ridiculous. That's what keeps us coming back to these stupid quizzes, isn't it? I hope you have better results than I did.

Your New Year's Resolutions

1) Get a pet hedgehog

2) Eat less onions

3) Travel to Korea

4) Study cannibal cultures

5) Get in shape with capoeira


local girl said…
1) Get a pet skunk

2) Eat more whipped cream

3) Travel to Brazil

4) Study japanese pop culture

5) Get in shape with roller derby

A pet skunk? Like I really need one more stinky thing around the house?
LittleJen said…
Hmmm new years resolution, not to have my hubby take my visa card of me... hehehe

Hope you had a wondeful Xmas and a safe New Year.
Pass The Torch said…
1) Get a pet chihuahua

2) Eat less stale popcorn

3) Travel to Japan

4) Study human sexuality

5) Get in shape with pilates
Pass The Torch said…
By the way, BLogger's been eating my comments here - give it a good kick for me, okay???

Whippersnapper said…
I remember doing aptitude tests in junior high to help us determine what we should be when we grew up, and my friend's results telling her she should become a "farmer or a rabbi."

Really, I'm not making that up.

Ah, quizzes. Ya gotta love 'em!
Susan in va said…
1. Get a pet snake (ummm....NO!)
2. Eat less onions (Are you kidding me?)
3. Travel to New Zealand (I hate planes.)
4. Study warrior dancing (I don't dance.)
5. Get in shape with surfing (I will not swim in water that other creatures inhabit.)

These may be slightly difficult for me to I tweaked them a little:
1. Get a pet fish.
2. Eat less sweet potatoes.
3. Travel parents house right down the street.
4. Study square dancing!
5. Get in shape with swimming - in an indoor pool.

There. Much better.
Kila said…
Mine said:

1) Get a pet skunk

2) Eat more cheese

3) Travel to Japan

4) Study japanese pop culture

5) Get in shape with whitewater rafting

I live in Wisconsin--I don't think I can eat more cheese than I already do, LOL. And I'll have to learn how to swim before I attempt #5!
Rhea said…
I actually do know someone who resolved to get a pet hedgehog -- and got it!
Robin said…
1) Get a pet pony (check)

2) Eat more cheese (okay...dairy's good)

3) Travel to Holland (never been there before, so okay again)

4) Study rare insects (do they all look like lady bugs and butterflies? If so, check check)

5) Get in shape with dodgeball (if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball) :).
Gattina said…
I comment from Egypt, it s too cool now to stay at the beach I try to post from time to time. But I have no resolutions I am a sinner for always !
Melissa said…
Pamela, I simply cannot get a pet snake and take up rock climbing. That's one hobby too many.
marnie said…
It told me to buy a chinchilla. My dog would loooove that!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Pamela. Happy 2007!
Karmyn R said…
Eat less onions? Are you sure that wasn't dad's list that you mixed up with yours? hee hee

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