Always Three Things at Once!

Today I have two loads of laundry trying to dry out in various places around the house - because the gas dryer refuses to work.

Two weeks ago we had to replace some moving parts on our automatic garage door opener at some significant expense.
(number 1)

Then I noticed that the hot water wasn't quite getting hot anymore. The repairman found the problem which cost another pretty penny. A new hot water heater would be at least twice that amount. Let's hope this replacement part lasts a few more years.
(number 2)

Yes! Hot water again. I did two loads of laundry before I discovered that the dryer was turning but there was no heat.
(number 3)

I told the hubby that something must have happened when the gas was turned off to repair the hot water heater. The dryer was working just fine on Wednesday.

This is not the first time old Mr. "bad things happen in three's" has visited my house. I recall one set of three was the garbage disposal, the dishwasher and the vacuum.

Am I the only one afflicted with this weird phenomenon?


BarnGoddess said…
oh yeah! Ive been stricken by the 'horrible threes' also.

Ive always been told, trouble comes in threes.

I hope things get better for you :)
Vicki said…
In our family there are deaths in threes. Terrible.

Lets start saying that good things happen in threes. "Speak that is not as if it were." "Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence (sp?) of things not yet seen." "God shall supply all your needs.. something something riches and glory."
Claudia said…
yes, it usually happens like that. How old is your dryer? My mom has one that is 40yrs old and she can still reach the pilot light, which goes out occasionally. that is probably it.
local girl said…
Well, right now my washer doesn't work and the kitchen sink is leaking underneath. I hope there's not a third thing lurking around that I don't know about!
Karmyn R said…
Did you notice that you also posted 3 times today?
Pamela said…
Karmyn. Well that clinches it.
Bad things really do come in threes.
Masago said…
I know the feeling all too well, but it the area of computer software development/maintenance. :-)

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