Happy Anniversary to Willowtree

The guy has all the moves.
(update, I'm thinking this is the Australian version of the Anniversary Waltz)


Susan in va said…
HA!! Too funny. I've just sent my well wishes (but no money) his way!

(My WV is PAMYDXL. I'm not sure what it means, but part of your name is in it.)
Pam said…
Yup, WT is a piece of work..

Updated my template and wanted you to know I've blogrolled you. Sorry it took so long to add you. No slight intended!

Claudia said…
WT gets a quarter from me. :)
Karmyn R said…
I went back through his archives and found when i think he said his marriage date was....so, I think I guessed his years correctly.

so - as my reward, I'm not sending any money to Australia.

Love the old couple. cute
Melissa said…
That little dancing couple is too cute!

I sent him my best wishes but he's not getting my quarters. No way.
Pamela said…
argh. I see it Its my name and my panty size.
Masago said…
At first I thought it was a senior's boxing match. :-)

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