The Columbia Gorge on December 25

Having to travel home on Christmas Day was a bummer.

Were some of the people on the highway heading somewhere to make merry, or were they going home like we had to do?

How about those truckers?

Some people don't celebrate Christmas so maybe it was just another day to work.

The wonderful beauty of the Columbia River Gorge is not cluttered with any kind of billboards. None. Oregon did one thing right.

PS. Check out Amanda and our our Friday night travel story.


Amanda said…
It was so nice spending the holiday with you. Thanks for everything. The Gorge looks cold and wet. And yet beautiful. Merry Christmas Mom! I love you
local girl said…
Those are some very beautiful nature scenes. It is kind of a bummer to be traveling on Christmas but as least you had something pretty to look at! Merry Christmas!
Susan in va said…
What beautiful scenery! When I travel to see my Grandma, there's a mountain to the left and a mountain to the right most of the way.

I hope you got to see your grandchildren open presents Christmas morning! Nothing I experienced as a child can compare to the feeling of watching my own children on Christmas day.
I'm sorry you had to travel -- Ugh! But what a drive -- the pictures are amazing! There is something wonderful about looking at mountains. We do not have them.... maybe that is why they fascinate me so? Thanks for posting the pictures :-)
Vicki said…
Beautiful pictures!!! I want to be there.

Driving home last night I wondered the same thing. We passed cars full of people. You know they were coming home from Christmas someplace, somewhere. I wanted to know their stories.
Jenny said…
I'm glad you made it safe and sound!

Happy (day after) Christmas!
Karmyn R said…
I'm glad the Gorge drive was ice-free for you!!! It's the nastiest when it isn't dry.
BarnGoddess said…
I enjoyed the pictures.


Vicki/Cagney said…
Forgot to say earlier...

I'm so glad you are back to blog world and feeling better? Hows the tooth? Or the place the tooth used to be?

Did they give you some good pain medication? If you have some left over let me know. I'll send you my address.
Masago said…
Very lovely. Thanks for sharing. Glad you got there safe.
Yvonne said…
What a gorgeous view! I have never seen anything as pretty as that in person. Maybe someday...

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