Goober update

Several have asked about Goober.

My 4-year old granddaughter is home.

Just as they have done during past extreme asthma attacks, the doctors prescribed Prednizone (steroid) which is taken in a large initial dose. As a precaution she is taking Zithromax, an antibiotic. She was already using Singular and Xopenox ( an inhalant.)

Next week she should be weaned from the Prednizone, finished with her Zithromax and switched from Xopenox back to Albuteral, which is breathed through a machine, and Asthmacourt, an older but tried and true inhalant.

That's too much information, isn't it?

(You should have seen my spellchecker light up on those meds! ! !)

When I talked to her on the phone this evening, she was happy and enjoying being home with her brothers and sister.


Biker Betty said…
So glad Goober is home and doing well. Wishing your whole family a Wonderful Holiday Season, Betty :)
swampwitch said…
Dear Baby Goober,
I hope you are feeling better and that the meds are working. Have a wonderful holiday. Having asthma is no a fish trying to breathe out of water. <:)
James Burnett said…
Glad to see your granddaughter is home and doing OK.

That's a long list of meds. I will no longer complain that I have to take an occasional puff of albuterol when the old asthma flares up.

Merry Christmas to you and Goober.
Jeanette said…
So pleased little Goober home from Hospital. Its terrible to watch them trying to breathe with that dreaded Asthma. My 3 year old grandson having a bad time at the moment with so much smoke in the air from the bush fires.
A very Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Stephanie said…
Welcome home Goober Baby!!

You know, it's a sad commentary when little ones are so sick their families practically need degrees in pharmacology to keep up with their meds!!
BarnGoddess said…
I am glad Goober is home from the hospt! meds arent any fun but they work.

Kila said…
What a relief to hear that she is home, yay!

No, not TMI. I think all us moms could be medical doctors by the time our kids are grown, LOL.
Peggy said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jodi said…
I'm glad to hear that Goober is doing well... and back home for the holiday!
C said…
My son had to do albuteral when he was little due to major congestion.
Susan in va said…
It all made sense to me! After having three kids, I think I would do great in medical school! LOL!
local girl said…
I can't imagine a child having to go through all that and be on so much medication! Poor thing! Glad to hear she's feeling better!
Kellie said…
Glad to hear she's doing better. Nothing's more scary than a sick baby. Especially your own. Merry Christmas!
Matt said…
i used to take steroids. What's she lifting now?
marnie said…
Matt cracks me up.

I'm glad for you and Goober!

I'm also laughing over a very interesting package that arrived today. It wasn't addressed to "Narnia" but I have a feeling that this is from you ;) Too funny, I'm gonna laugh every time I look at it.

I will post "it" on my blog for everyone else to laugh at sometime this evening.

Thank you so much. Your gift is probably the most useful and desperately needed gift!

Still laughing...
LittleJen said…
Glad your grandchild is doing better,scarey i know going through it myself at the moment, my son is currently on predmix, the smoke from the fires isnt helping but we are slowly getting on top of it.
Thx for stopping by my place, have a great Christmas and Safe New Year

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