Santa Eats Bacon Beef & Cheddar, Too

Tuesday night dinner is often a brief encounter with the hubby at ARBYS. Usually he is heading home from a class he is teaching and I am on my way to Watercolor.

Schools out, but Arby's still in.

Tonight, as we sat and chatted over French Dip and Santa Fe Salad, I told the hubby that Karmyn had posted the story today about our 'Jammin' finding Santa Claus in July at a local Chinese Restaurant.

His reminiscing smile beamed across the table but his words were interrupted by a 3 year old rocket that launched from the booth next to us and flew passed us at the speed of..... well... the speed of a 3-year old.

Off he ran, around the condiment kiosk and directly to another booth where sat an elderly man with frosty white hair and beard. Beside the old gent sat a smiling lady in a odd knit cap and a kind face.

The little guy spread his legs in a bold stance with his hands clasped behind his back. He looked directly into the eyes of the old white haired man, and with a clear loud voice that penetrated the buzz of the other diners asked,

"Are you coming to my house?"

A confused scrunch of the old man's face prompted the woman to reach out and place her hand on his. She smiled a him first and then leaned towards the little guy.

"Have you been a good boy this year?" she responded so sweetly.

At that point the little boys voice lowered so I could no longer understand the conversation. Whatever transpired, however, made him hop happily back to his seat with his mother who had come to retrieve him.

The hubby and I were laughing with delight.

The hubby remarked that the scene had been one of the cutest things he'd ever witnessed.

When the child walked out the door holding his mothers hand, we watched Mr. Claus lean close to Mrs. Claus and heard him say in a very deep soft voice, "Ho Ho Ho.!"

(What were the chances we'd be talking about our Jammin and his Santa sighting, only to be an observer of another little child's discovery.)

A picture from my new cell phone of Santa.


swampwitch said…
Leave it to Mrs. Santa to know what was going on...'have you been a good boy this year?'
Pass the torch said…
That is so great! I bet he gets that a lot;)

I'm quite impressed you had your camera along. Of course, it helps that now you're Miss Techno-wiz with the fancy schmancy camera phone.
Pamela said…
Kelly: That phone does everything but the dishes.The sound quality is poor, though. I miss my solid old nokia.

Swampy: She caught on fast and acted her part to perfection
I was wishing my 'old man' had a head of hair and whiskers, so i could have been Mrs. Claus
Jenny said…
I bet Mr. and Mrs. Claus found it just as magical as the little boy did.
Vicki said…
What a wonderful story! Made me warm down to my toes.

Maybe he really was Santa. Children know these things.
Matt said…
Oh my goodness. Just hearing something like that makes me want to steal someone's Christmas tree and set fire to their house. Bahumbug!

Hey, did you here? That rabbi in Seattle felt bad and dropped his threat of litigation and SEATAC reinstalled their "holiday" trees!

That was nice.
local girl said…
I guess Santa needs to eat, too! LOL! That is so funny!
Jenn said…
too cute! He does look quite a bit like Mr. Red.
Karmyn said…
See - he is real he is!!!!!!! Brings tears to my eyes.
Melissa said…
Aww. I need to start eating at restaurants more often.
marnie said…
Oh Oh oh! That was so cute.

Would you mind letting him know that I really want a pair of slippers and a spa gift certificate. Please and thanks! I've been good.. almost.
Pamela said…
Matt. I don't have a tree, either.

Marnie: Santa has something for you, you just have to send ME your address

Melissa: Its a pirates Santa's favorite restaurant ARRRRRRbys

Karmyn: sure he's real. If I had pinched him, he would have squealed.

Jenn: I asked him if I could sit on his lap and he did turn red

local girl: This one needed a few more meals to fit into his suit for sure

Vicki: You gotta trust a kids instincts

Jenny: I would suspect they'll go out alot now between now and Christmas just to enjoy more little kiddos
AJ said…
That is soo sweet...guess I need to have a child soon because I so get out of the Christmas spirit every year once I start buying gifts and wandering through those oh so crowded stores in the mall. That sweet little boy's reaction is totally what I'm going to keep in my head when I finish my Christmas shopping Wednesday night! thanks for blogging that Ms Pamela! Hope you have a great week!
Anonymous said…
I prefer the market sandwich myself ivy

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