A Superhero resigns ------------PamelArachnoid Rules

1st hint: It is catch and release
2nd hint: This is something Susan in VA would hold with fear and trepidation

Barngoddess guessed it.
It's to catch spiders.
But I have no plans to release those poor little house spiders outside into the freezing weather. That would be torture.

The Spiderman super hero hubby will no longer be required to catch those 8-legged monsters.

The hubby and I agreed not to share gifts for Christmas because we gave each other repairs on the garage door, the dryer, the water heater, and now my lovely hole in the head. (No. Insurance will be very careful what costs it covers on anything associated with aesthetics and extracted teeth. )

On Christmas Eve I opened this weird gift from the hubby. Do you know what it is? I laughed and inquired, "What the hey?"
Finally I found a very small printed set of instructions.

It is the hubby's way of saying he resigns his position and assigns his super powers over to me. I will be working on a name that will be delightfully descriptive of my new abilities and my fearless escapades.

Also, any arachnoid ideas for a moniker to match my super hero status will be appreciated.

(Ps. I bought him a skinny wallet. I know, I know, we agreed not buy gifts. However, he needs a flat wallet now that Christmas has had its way with him.)


Stephanie said…
I've no idea what that thingamajig is. Do tell!!

Sounds like your recovery is going well so far! Glad to hear it. And I hope you and your family had a beautiful time after your harrowing journey! I'm so happy you are safe!
ian said…
"Power Pam"?

You're not SERIOUSLY doing Capoeira, are you? Because that would be just kickass cool...

local girl said…
I have to admit that this post went right over my head. I have no idea what you're talking about! Whaaaa!
Robin said…
Am I wrong to think he's "passing the baton"?

I like Pamarama;) Who knows why, lol.
BarnGoddess said…
what is it? a spider killer?

a skinny wallet, how suiting for after xmas!
Masago said…
New super hero: Pam-the-wo-man?
And the tool: Spider-wacker?

P.S. Was there a spider on the lazy boy?

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