Blogging Chicks Carnival of Laughter

The Blogging Chicks Carnival is being hosted this week by Rebecca at Of Making Many Books. The theme is Holiday Laughter, or Laughter in General.

Bwaaak Bwaaak Bwaak!!

We all need some extra smiles to remind us that this time of year is supposed to be fun.
Find some time on Sunday the 10th to kick back and share some belly laughs.

By the way, this carnival is open to everyone.


Rebecca said…
Thanks for announcing! This'll be a good one. :-)
local girl said…
I actually remembered to submit something this time!
Ummm ... I seemed to be lost, and like most males I refuse to ask for directions. Here goes my pride: Can you tell me where the "blogging dudes" meet?
Willowtree said…
Pamela, you know what a prickly bastard I can be at times, so this shouldn't surprise you. While it's nice that this carnival is open to everyone, why would I contribute to something I'm excluded from the rest of the time.
Pamela said…
JR and WT: I guess you dudes need to start a "bloggin cocks" so you can do have some crowin' carnivals!!!

Now you've made me cry.
Claudia said…
Pamela!! You are too funny!!

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