The Best Laid Plans of Christmas Mice and Men

UPDATE 12/23
All is well. But not something I will ever want to do again. I will keep you posted on the progress of a bone graft that was started --
Hoping that Amanda will share our travel story after the holiday and you will all pop in to her blog to read it.

In the meantime all of those who mentioned they have clinching problems please ask your dentist about a NTI Suppression Device.

Once more MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the other happys that people share this time of year.

This morning we were supposed to be merrily singing across Oregon to spend the Christmas weekend with two daughters. And wishing we could see the third daughter in California.

Instead: I am scheduled to see an oral surgeon.

The week was going to be busy already with just the usual year end rush at work. I had added to that a decision to create a calendar for one side of the family. Unfortunately for the hubby's half, I knew I didn't have time for a 2nd calendar.

Last Firday night I felt ill. The weekend was a loss. Initially I thought it was an attack of Fibro Myalgia. (Yes, I have it, and yes I control it with a wonderful supplement program of vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc.)

Then it occurred to me it was all in my head. To be more specific in my mouth.

Emergency visit to dentist, immediate referral to endodontist (an hour drive away), 3 hours of work there to be finally advised that the tooth was not to be saved. Stress clinching as I sleep had cracked my molar from three directions that met beneath the surface, not visible to eye or Xray.

The physical pain was doubled by my emotional pain. The hubby was in Seattle and I sat alone in a parking lot and wept while my car warmed.

I have been faithful to my teeth. I visit my dentist regularly. I brush and floss daily. My hygienist will hold my hand and probably weep with me when I see her for my semi-annual cleaning.

So what now? A bridge or an implant? I will find out.


Yesterday morning the snow looked like a fairy tale and then the horror story of freezing rain ended that quickly. I had the opportunity to wear my Yaktrax from the car park to work.

This morning it has been snowing again with flakes the size of quarters at 28 degrees. Unfortunately the weather man again predicts the nasty stuff coming followed by a warming trend.

I'm off to endure my first experience of a tooth extraction.

I may not be posting for a few days. I'm still hoping to be on the road early tomorrow morning. Looking forward to two days of smiles - even minus one pearly white.

A Merry Christmas to all of you. May you stay warm and safe. May your homes be Blessed with love, grace, thankfulness, and for those of you who wish for it .... S N O W.


Pam said…
Oh dear. That really sucks. I've been waiting for months to get new dental insurance so that I can go to the dentist of my choice. Should be January.

I clench my teeth (not grind) while I am awake!! I catch myself doing it when I am stressed, of course.

Here's hoping/wishing and praying you have delightful weather for traveling and a safe and merry holiday.
Kila said…
Good luck with everything. Hope it all goes well, you recover quickly, and enjoy a wonderful Christmas!
Susie said…
I hope it will go quickly and smoothly.
Merry Christmas!
Susan in va said…
Oh, Pamela. I'm so sorry. I absolutely LOATHE tooth problems. My mother had a similar thing happen this year - half of a molar just broke off while she was eating! I guess it could be could be a top front incisor!
Vicki said…
Ahh Cagney. I'm so sorry. I wish I were closer. I'd make you mushy stuff, have your house smelling nice when you came home from the Dentist. Heck ! I'd even drive you there! Yes, Yes I am THAT kind of a friend.

Use the gas when they work on you. It's lovely. I remember as a child it would turn the radio playing overhead into saying, "Mr. Mouth. Mr. Mouth." Yes, lovely.
My heart goes out to you. Having your mouth hurting is no fun at all. Lucky me, I have not had teeth since the day I graduated from high school. Keep a stiff upper lip and enjoy your Christmas as best you can. By the way, we have snow this morning thank you very much. At least I don't have to go out in it.
Devon said…
I am so sorry you have to go through this now. Hope it goes smoothly and you are able to get to your holiday destination!

Looking on the bright side, you now have an excuse to consume as much eggnog as you like! I love the stuff, it is like liquid crack to me!!!!!
Biker Betty said…
Ouch! I hope all goes well at the oral surgeon and that you get to your family on time for a wonderful visit.
Oh! I'm so sorry! My teeth hurt just thinking about a cracked molar. Ugh. I'm a horrible clencher too -- and no mouth guard.... You can caused me to rethink....

Merry Christmas! May you heal quickly and feel great. I'm so sorry your husband was gone for this!
C said…
I stress clinch too. I may need to get a night guard too. Too bad these are not just hot guys that stick around to keep you from closing your mouth too tightly.
Mert said…
Pamela, I hope your procedure goes smoothly, and you are able to recoop during Christmas. I am sorry to hear that Your plans had to change, but hope you feel better soon.
Claudia said…
Pamela, I'm so sorry..I hope your surgery goes well and that the pain stops soon!! OUCH!!
Yvonne said…
DANG!!! hang in there, and hope you feel better by Christmas!
SongBird said…
Hope all goes well for you with the extraction and with the trip. Merry Christmas!!!
jenn said…
good luck with everything. Drive safely in all that wonderful snow. I'm so glad that's what we woke up to this morning!

be blessed. X's and O's
ian said… make me think I ought to get one of those Nightguards for myself. I wake up at least once a week with a throbbing headache and a sore jaw from clenching my teeth in my sleep.

Silent One ~D~ said…
It sucks that even when we look after our teeth so dilligently that this happens.

Wishing you happy thoughts and the pain to be at least bareable.

Merry Christmas My Friend!
ablondeblogger said…
Oh what a horrible thing to have happen before Christmas! I'm so sorry. :( I hope you feel better ASAP! (((((HUGS)))))

P.S. I'm SO glad to hear your granddaughter's doing better. I've thought of her often.
ablondeblogger said…
A bone graft?!! Ouch!!! Not the best Christmas gift, huh? And here I was feeling sorry for myself for getting my montly friend AND a nasty virus. I'd take that over a bone graft any day! You'll be in my prayers. (((((HUGS))))
ian said…
Oh, and almost forgot...

Merry Christmas! You're one of my most ardent blog supporters and I appreciate it very much!

willowtree said…
We hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas and Healthy New Year.

From WT, MDW and the furries.

(Sorry it's not personalised, but if I wrote individual greetings to everyone I'd miss out on Christmas Lunch, and you know I'm not going to let that happen.)
Masago said…
I hope all goes well.
Season's Greetings from Masago!
Pass The Torch said…
OH NO!!!!! I hope it's all over with. You poor thing!

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