Pearl Harbor Day

In remembrance of a man buried in the belly of a battleship.

His name was Victor Lawrence Jeans. Gram and Auntie Fern called him Cousin Lawrence.

He joined the US Navy and was on the USS ARIZONA that 7th day of December, 1941.


marnie said…
I'm betting that Victor is thankful for being remembered.
AJ said…
So sad...all those young men. Makes me so grateful to be an American. We have so many heroes out there protecting our shores! I visited Pearl Harbor as a child and I still remember it vividly. What an incredible place! Hope you're having a wonderful week Pamela!
swampwitch said…
I am SO glad you posted something about Pearl Harbor, and specifically this hero. It gave me such pause to stand over that battleship and watch that oil bubble to the top...almost as those a message was being sent up. Thank you for remembering and reminding us.
Willowtree said…
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

From the Fallen by Laurence Binyon.
Sue said…
I've been to the Arizona and felt so humbled by the experience.
My Grandpa (98 yrs old) is one of the oldest living Pearl Harbor Survivors.
Of course, he still remembers that day and has told many stories.
Thank you for remembering Pearl Harbor Day and for your cousins's sacrifice.
Jenny said…
He died a hero.

He still is one.
Jodi said…
Only 23 years old... he was just a baby.

They were all so young...
Walker said…
According to another blogger I just read, we used to remember Pearl Harbor heroes by urging Americans to "Work, Fight, Sacrifice." -- Can you imagine anyone doing any of those today?
Pam said…
Interesting comment by Walker.

Great quote by WT.

Incredible post Pamela. Incredible.

Pamela said…
Marnie: I wondered if there was anyone out there still remembering him today.
AJ: I feel spoiled and ungrateful
Swampy: I want to go there very much
WT: I loved that comment
Sue: please write about Grandpa (or have you and I just need to go back to that post)
Jenny: On the 50th anniversary I read so many stories - and I was amazed at the heroic living and dying
Jodi: And the old "wisemen" sit around and think they are "wise"
Walker: Sacrifice is left to the military today. I recall my parents talking about the things they had to give up during the 2nd World War. The rest of us are spoiled and indulgent.
Pam: Thanks. It was something I wanted for my kids and grandkids to have
Susan in va said…
I can't say it better that WT - beautiful sentiment.
BarnGoddess said…
great tribute :)

I thought about Pearl Harbor a lot yesterday.......
BarnGoddess said…
great tribute :)

I thought about Pearl Harbor a lot yesterday.......
Vicki said…
Good post. I like historical documents like this. Very interesting.
local girl said…
Being that yesterday was Pearl Harbor's 65th Anniversary, it was so fitting that I was able to see it from the plane. It's such an awesome sight.
Ashley said…
this reminds me to be appriciative.
Anonymous said…
war. it should only be the song. nothing else icy
April Jeans said…
Hi I am trying to do research if he was kin to any of the Jeans in Texas.

If you can email me my address is:


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