Six Weird/Odd Things plus a Squirrel Nut Cracker.

Swampwitch tagged me with a Meme (read hers) that is very similar to one I posted in October. At that time the request was five weird things. The new one circulating the sphere is now demanding that we admit to six. In truth, it would be quicker to name all six things about me that aren't weird. For the first five I'm going to send you back to my October 12 post where you will find yourself in awe of my irregularities. That was probably a poor choice of words.

So, drum roll please! Here comes number 6.

I can't tolerate having a suitcase on my bed. Do not put a suitcase on any of my chairs, either. A suitcase either belongs on a stand (butler?) or the floor. Think about all those filthy airplane bellies. I've watched through the wee windows of a jet and viewed them being thrown on the ground, on top of questionable shipping boxes, and exposed to whatever chemicals that get blown all over the tarmac from jet exhaust and baggage trams. I don't want to sleep with that stuff.

You MUST read more weird stuff at Pensieve, BarnGoddess, Marnie, Nessa, and Willowtree.

What was that Swampy.. you didn't tag WT? He was weird without any prompting from you. Oh alrighty, then.

Still waiting to hear weird stuff from Julie, Karmyn, and Susan who she also chanted over with her sacrificial anodes. (Swampy, what are sacrificial anodes?).

Update!!! Just realized that Julie, Karmyn and Susan did them in October, too. Willowtree did it in his old blog.

Hang on one moment before you link on, however, because I have another weird thing to share. I'm just throwing it in as a bonus.

We went to a little White Elephant Gift Exchange on Monday night, and this was what I brought home.

I nearly cried.

NOT because it was such an awful gift, but because of sweet nostalgia.

When I was a child my dad had something very much like this that was hooked to his work bench in the basement. He always bought a bag of mixed nuts at Christmas and I would run down there and crack them and fill my little cheeks like a . . . well, like a squirrel! They were so wonderful. My favorites were the pecans with the reddish brown shell. The bag would also have Brazil nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and peanuts.

A weird present, yes?

P.e.r.f.e.c.t for me.


Claudia said…
you know...the term a bag of mixed nuts is really not used correctly...I think it's a good thing!! congratulations to you on your new nutcracker!
Claudia said…
ps...I like your new picture of the repeat, i say repeat images....
Pamela said…
Mixed bag of nuts?

So, you've met my family.
Willowtree said…
Hey! What did I do? Is this pick on WT day or something?
Jeanette said…
Hi Pamela. I dont do Memes
That Nut cracker sure bought back memories.Mum used bring ours out of hiding every Xmas and place it on a small bench in the kitchen and put a basket of nut beside it.
swampwitch said…
Ok, as usual, I will have to use my P.S. tactics today to come back and finish. But, first, thanks for playing the game.
I had never thought about the suitcase thing. OMG! That's like setting your purse down on the restroom floor and then putting on the dining table. I think I need to revise my #10 Suggestions for Airlines to include something about this.
Why can I only see a little white box with a red X on it? Obviously, there is a nutcracker hiding behind it, but I can't see it from my vantage point.
Sacrificial Anodes? H-m-m-m! That sounds like some kind of religious medical problem in the behind area of the body doesn't it? Too easy for me to just explain it...maybe a post someday.
I did take a second to click the link to your first MeMe and about jumped out of my "pirate panties" (see DubYaT's post today for those who think I'm being crass) DubYaT is Willowtree in my vocabulary...
because I almost thought he had hijacked your blog and was posing there, too. But, alas my may-tee, it was your pretty face under that pirate hat. I'll be back.
Dawn said…
I agree with you on the suitcase on the bed!!!

No weird gifts yet....but there's plenty of time :)
Pamela said…
WT. I can't explain it. It's kind of like religion.

Jeanette. You are smart not to do memes. What is it about kids and nutcrackers. Two of my grandkids were recently cracking away at their other grandparents house.

Swampwitch: Sorry you can't see the picture. Blogger was probably being blogger. come back and try again. ps. My pirate impression is pricesless I must admit

Dawn: Island Life was posting about weird presents. And then this just fell in my lap, in a white elephant sort of way
Susan in va said…
Boy! That's right up there with Robin's not putting the dirty lemon wedge in her ice water. I'll be thinking twice before I put my suitcase on my bed!
BarnGoddess said…
very weird present!

I will never look at my luggage the same.......
Sue said…
My grandma always had a wooden bowl of nuts with a nutcracker in it during the holidays. I hadn't thought about that in years, but this post made me remember!
The suitcase thing never occured to me either. It will now!
local girl said…
I totally agree about the luggage thing. Believe me, you do not want it on your clean bed!
Jenn said…
one mans junk is another mans treasure.
marnie said…
After reading this I don't know if I could stand having my suitcase on my bed either.

I love White Elephant gift exchanges.. those are always so much fun!
Pass the Torch said…
Oh my GOSH! I love your weirdness about suitcases and the white elephant gift is a GAS!

Leave it to you to have some wonderful history lesson to go along with it;))
Karmyn R said…
I knew I had done the white elephant gift exchange before. Thanks for checking for me!!!!
Janet C. said…
That is a cool gift. I love old stuff.
The suit case phobia is not so strange I just never thought about it before. Guess what? I will now.
Heather said…
Oh GREAT. Now I'll never be able to put a suitcase on my bed without thinking about the dark underbelly of the plane. I was happy living in my oblivious world. Sigh.
Anonymous said…
I know a few nuts I could crack with that ivy

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