Thank Heavens, For Little Girls

Thank Heavens
For Little girls.
For Little Girls Get Bigger Everyday.

Thank heaven for little girls

They grow up in the most delightful way

Those little eyes so helpless and Appealing.

One day will flash and send you

crashin' thru the ceilin'

Thank heaven for little Girls

thank heaven for them alll

no matter where no matter who

For without them,

what would little boys do?

Thank heaven... thank heaven...

Thank heaven for little girls!


ian said…
Congratulations to you, Pamela, for making the world a better place by bringing Karmyn into it!

ablondeblogger said…
Happy birthday to your daughter!! Now I'm going to go cry and pray that my children develop some sort of mutation that doesn't allow them to grow any older, lol!
Karmyn R said…
THanks mom - very sweet!! I'm all verclempt (sp?)

and for exposing my dark secret of being a high school band geek. hee hee
Devon said…
How very sweet! What a great reminder that our time with our babies at home passes in a flash!
Susie said…
Happy Birthday to Karmyn!
Time does she fly by. My children and their spouses all have birthdays in Dec and Jan!
Willowtree said…
Hurrumph! the photos don't display for some reason. Maybe it's Karmyn's revenge got me getting her banned from TP.

btw:I heard back from them and they say it's fixed, we'll see.

I did some updating on MDW's computer (I hope I haven't screwed something up). I see when I get home.
local girl said…
Whaaa! I don't see the photos either!
Pamela said…
blogger ate the photo's for breakfast.

They were there. Then they weren't

I have reloaded them

Let's hope they stay.
Willowtree said…
We have ignition!
Heather said…
Ah yes, I thank heaven for little girls every day! Love those picks!
Pam said…
What a wonderful tribute.

Happy Birthday Karmyn.

Pass the Torch said…
AWWWWWWW, that is so sweet!!!

Seems as though your both lucky to have each other;)
Stephanie said…
You ladies both totally rock!!

I LOOOOVE being the mom of of a girl, too!

Oh, and band geeks are AWESOME. I was one. Then I married one. WOO-HOO!!
Jenny said…
Such a beautifl tribute!
Jeanette said…
AAWwwwwwwwww thank heavens for little girls Couldnt see all the photo's
Happy Bithday Karmym
Robin said…
Wow, Pamela, you have Karmyn using some mighty big vocabulary words! I KNOW you had fun thinking about the memories each picture represented :). Thanks for letting us get to know the birthday girl through the years!
Kila said…
~*~*Happy Birthday Karmyn!~*~* Hope the year ahead is a happy, healthy one!

Enjoyed the photos!
Susan in va said…
I know you are so proud - what a beautiful bunch of girls you have!
Holly said…
What a beautiful tribute!! I agree 100% thank heaven for little girls!!

Holly's Corner
Vicki said…
HaHaHappy Birftday! (please insert Mouse from Cinderella here when he was supposed to say, Surpise.)
Heather said…
Happy Birthday!
Such sweet pictures depicting a sweet life, I'm sure.
CyberCelt said…
Happy Birthday! You sure are a cute girl!
C said…
That is a great tribute to your daughter post.
local girl said…
Whew! I can see them now. What a great tribute! I've always been partial to having daughters.
Bibi said…
What a neat post. That was one of my fave songs as little dad would sing it to me ;-)
rose said…
Pam you just get gooder and gooder Rose
Anonymous said…
cute halloween kids ivy

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