So far away

Update early sunday. Doing better.

The past three days everything I have done has been shadowed with worry because my 4 year-old Goober is in the hospital with another severe asthma attack.

I come from a long line of grandma's who "take in worrying for a living." (A quote from my late mother.) However, this is more.

When Goober was not quite three, I tag teamed with my daughter Jen through a weekend in Intensive Care. I know what it is like to watch a small child's stomach muscles contract in desperate attempt to expand the diaphragm and pull air into the lungs. I remember the plea's of help that came only from her eyes because the rest of her body has relinquished control to allow all energy to focus on one more breath.

Then came the relief I felt when her first little smile begat a sweet request for a drink of water.

Last night my brother Tom called to check on Goober's progress. He shared some memories of his own asthmatic childhood. Our parents would often wrap him in a blanket formed into a tent over steaming hot water. He recalls receiving his first shot of epinephrine sometime in the late 1940's.

After our conversation ended, I thought of the asthmatic children in the past with lives cut short and of children in the present who have poor or no access to medical care in third world countries.

So, on this early Saturday morning, unable to rest, I woke with Goober on my heart and a prayer on my lips: for her, for other babies who share her affliction, and for their grandmas.

It was also a prayer of thanks.

I am thankful for Hospitals. I'm thankful for ER Doctors and for Pulmonologists. I'm thankful for Respiratory Therapists, for Nurses, and for all the other technicians. I'm thankful for the cooks, the custodians, the guards and the volunteers.

I'm so far away. Those people are there.


Shauna said…
Pamela - I'll pray for you all too! ! Hope Goober is well very, very soon! ! !
Biker Betty said…
Pamela, I've sent a prayer up for Goober and will continue to. I hope she gets better fast.
Claudia said…
My heart goes out to you and her and everyone involved. I hope she comes home safe and happy soon!!
her indoors said…
you and goober and your family are in my prayers, hope she will be home soon x
SongBird said…
My prayers are with you and your family. My dad had emphysema. I understand.
Susan in va said…
Amen, Pamela. Amen.

Asthma is a frightening disease. My 5 year old son, Golden Boy, contracted a viral form of pneumonia last year. I took him into the pediatrician's office because he seemed to be breathing rapidly. When we were waiting to be seen, suddenly he turned blue. He couldn't take in a breath at all! Tears welled up in his eyes and he looked at me and I couldn't do a thing! I was completely helpless. Praise God the nurse came in at that moment and saw him, ran to get a nebulizer and he was breathing again in less than a minute. I shudder at the thought of what could have happened if we were at home.

We now know that he has a "reactive airway" form of asthma. It's triggered by illness. And we now own a nebulizer.

I feel for Jen and Goober right now - and you, too. Modern medicine is truly a miracle, isn't it?
ablondeblogger said…
Oh my gosh, Pamela! That must be so scary for you. She is so precious and adorable. I will be keeping you both in my prayers.

local girl said…
It must be so hard for you not to be there with her. I hope everything turns out okay. I'm sure it's no fun for her to be in the hospital during the holidays. My prayers go out to you and your family!
Matt said…
Were you ever that cute, Pam? That little girl is beautiful!

It breaks my heart to think of her struggling for breath. Sorry to hear that. My mother and little sister have asthma and, when I was younger, my father smoked in the house. He'd get annoyed when I complained about the thick smoke in the kitchen. God, I was smoking quite a bit at that age, I guess.
Kila said…
Hope she's home soon. How scary. I have a 4 yr old too.

I'll say a prayer for you all.
Amanda said…
And she is lucky to have grandparents and aunties and uncles that care about her! :)

Goobs will be home soon. I just know it.
Yvonne said…
I sure hope she will be ok! I don't think people take asthma as seriously as they should, and it is good that you all do!
Karmyn R said…

I have prayed for her and hope that she comes home.
Susie said…
What a beautiful little girl, and just the same age as my youngest granddaughter. I will keep Goober in my prayers, as well as all your family.
It's a tough time of year to be so sick, bless her heart...
Stephanie said…
You and precious Goober and your family are in my prayers!!
BarnGoddess said…
sending you hugs and good thoughts across the miles.

I am thinking of you and your "goober".
Anonymous said…
isn't goober a peanut of sorts? ivy
Mercy's Maid said…
Bless her heart! I am glad she's doing better.

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