29 Years Ago Today

I remember this day well. There was over 10 inches of snow and an Arctic chill had our valley shivering in it's grasp.

Several hours of my morning were spent concentrating on an icicle growing towards the ground outside my living room window. I breathed a rhythmic chant of hee hee hee hee, hoo hoo hoo hoo. The hubby timed contractions.

Our middle daughter was anxious to make her debut.

During one excruciating contraction the water broke with an audible pop. It would have matched the sound made when Lou Ferrigno performs his infamous blow up of a hot water bottle . I provided a little extra thrill by splattering ambiotic fluid all over the bed and the wall.

The eyes of the student nurse (who was assigned to me for her maternity rotation) flew wide with astonishment and wonder. Later, she told me the same could be said of mine. I wonder if she has heard anything like that since. The OB nurse said it was a rare occurence.

I also immediately experienced bearing down pains and knew this baby was on it's way, no holds barred.

Today's maternity wards strap your belly up to all sorts of bells and whistles. Not so, then. Had they done that I'm sure we would have all been worried. This baby was being strangled by the umbilical cord as her head popped into the world.

"Don't push!" yelled my Obstetrician.

Natural childbirth, the unbearable urge to push, and the rush of unimaginable pain. At that point in time telling a woman to stop pushing is tantamount to telling someone not to have an epileptic seizure.

In an effort that took my entire being, I was able to control something - and the noose around her neck was cut and she slipped into the bright lights making all the right sounds and displaying all the colorful hue's expected.

Her daddy held her in his arms and I swear her eyes followed the sound of his voice. He said he would never ever forget what she looked like at that very moment.

In these many years I've had an occasion to ask him, "Do you remember what she looked like at that very moment."

He will pause in quiet reflection and his eyes will grow soft.

Yeah, baby girl, I think he remembers.

Happy Birthday Jen!


Biker Betty said…
Happy Birthday to Jen and wishing her many more wonderful birthdays to come. Awwww... What a cute baby picture :)
Masago said…
Wow, what a story!
local girl said…
How old was she when that photo was taken? She is so beautiful!

With BB, I dilated so quickly that there wasn't time for an epidural. I know what you mean about pushing through the pain. My doctor told me not to push but I couldn't help it. BB came flying out and they had to catch her by her feet. DH said she looked like a fish that you hold up by it's tail. LOL!
Susie said…
Happy Birthday to Jen!
I had the same experience with the cord when I had my son almost 38 yrs ago!
He had to be worked on for quite a while before he would breathe. Very scary!!
Pamela said…
this picture was taken at the hospital when she was just hours old.

I am of course biased... but I thought she was a beautiful baby

She was pink and pretty and everything a little doll should be
Willowtree said…
Mmmm, ahhh, err, yeah ahm...nice post, except for all the fluids and the pain and the near strangulation and stuff. Happy Birthday Jen and Pam.
Pamela said…
awww WT... sometimes the most precious things in life are the most painful and graphic.

"they" say women forget the pain.
SongBird said…
What a beautiful baby you had!! Another great story. Thanks for sharing! And Happy Birthday to Jen!!
Amanda said…
I had a very rough day and I overlooked my sister's birthday. I am a horrible sister. Happy Birthday Jen. Regardless of anything and everything, I love you.
Julie said…
Sorry I am late Jen, but I hope you had a very happy birthday! You were such a beautiful baby, I have to agree with your mom there. :)
BarnGoddess said…
awww cute baby pic!!

great story to go along with it too.
Susan in va said…
What a wonderful story!

Happy Birthday, Jen!!!!!
Kila said…
Pretty cute picture, especially for a newborn.

Happy Birthday!
Bobbi said…
what a great story!!

Happy new year to you and yours :o)
swampwitch said…
Happy Birthday Jen...Wonderful story and beautiful baby girl. I hope you put this in her baby book. Happy New Year to all of your family.
Stephanie said…
Pamela, you made me cry AGAIN!!

Happy Birthday, Jen!! What an amazing entrance! What a wonderful mom!!

And a very Happy New Year to you all!!
wolfbaby said…
Beatiful picture of a beatiful baby;) happy birthday !!! Thanks for sharing the story.
Melissa said…
I'm changing my name to "she who comments on the wrong day."

What a beautiful story. The last part reminded my of my husband when my kids were born. Awww.

Happy belated birthday to your Jen!
Robin said…

The way you told this, with such tenderness and detail, is why I come back again and again and again.
rose said…
Pamela a beautifully told story And What a beautiful Baby. I always enjoy your stories. Happy New Year Rose
Anonymous said…
cute little fart

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