Goodbye 2006



Susan in va said…
(*sniff*) Goodbye, 2006!

Is it just me, or do the years seem to be going by faster? And faster?

(My WV is "mesled" - I read it like "Me Sled." Maybe it's a hidden promise for the new year! I've been wanting it to snow....hmmmm.....)
Willowtree said…
Wow Pamela, that is prose at it's best, who says blogging is not valid literature.

Biker Betty said…
Love that stick guy. Came by to wish you a Happy New Year!!
Masago said…
Very cute. Thanks. HNY.
Kila said…

You scared me for a moment--I thought you were waving goodbye to us for good!

Happy New Year to you!
Silent One ~D~ said…
**waves** along with you....

So long! It's been a very long year. Looking forward to the next 365 days!
local girl said…
Isn't it amazing how a simple line drawing can convey so much meaning? Happy New Year!
KrisUnderwood said…
Hey, that's cute...Happy New Year!
Robin said…
Simplicity is NOT to be over-rated.

Loved your farewell, it brought an instant smile.

Thankful you're in my "sphere". Wishing you the happiest of New Year's yet!
ian said…
Hello Pamela, and Happy New Year! I wanted to tell you that I've made you one of EDog Recommends links for January. Enjoy the attention!

swampwitch said…
Happy New Year and have a healthy, happy, and safe 2007. I love the graphic. So simple but says so much. Where do you find those?
Yvonne said…
Now that was just dog "gone" cute!
her indoors said…
i like it i say i like it! happy new year to you and yours x
Stephanie said…
Bethany was mesmirized by the graphic! In fact, when I clicked over to leave a comment, she yelled and pulled my hair. Yeah, time for her to go watch some Teletubbies!!
Jenny said…
Happy New Year, my friend!
Pamela said…
Susan: Yes. Life is like a roll of toilet paper. Spins faster the closer you get to the end.

WT: If you've got it flaunt it.

BB: He'd fit on your motorcycle!

Masago: Thanks for all your lovely poems

Kila: You can't get rid of me that ez

Silent One: I felt the soft breeze as you waved back

Local Girl. Yes... always remember the KISS (Keep It Simple Self)

Kris: hey, thanks for stoppin in

Robin: Glad you are in mine, too

Ian: I'm getting stage fright. Help.

Swampwitch: This one came on an Email and I "stoled" it

Yvonne: not only cute, but a no brainer, too!!!

Her Indoors: glad to see you...glad you like it

Stephanie: Proud to stand tall against la la

Barngoddess: One more wave for the old year

Jenny: awwww.. I like the sound of that ... my friend
Julie said…
Such a nice way to say goodbye. Love the little guy.

There were some great things happen in 2006 but I am sure the events in 2007 will top it. :)

Have a Happy New Year!! (How's your tooth? Well, you know what I mean since it isn't there anymore. How's your oral status? :)

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