What happens in Vegas. . . .

Today I was visiting another Pam's blog to enjoy her lovely tour of Las Vegas through her camera's lens and and verbal ramblings.

One picture rang a little bell in my head that filled me with tinkling mirth.

Last year we accepted an invitation from our friends Michael and Beth to meet them in Las Vegas for a weekend. Michael (not to be confused with Michael my brother, or Michael the Piper, or Michael the cyclist, and a few more Michaels in our lives), is a psychologist. His schedule included a speaking engagement at a convention at the Wynn. We were going to do some touring with Beth and then Michael would join our party after his meetings.

The first morning we walked from our more humble accommodations over to the fantabulous Wynn so that Michael could register and map out the conference rooms.

Beth and I stood near a magnificent column, admiring the fresh flower arrangements, the exquisite artistry tiled into the floor, and the opulence in general. (In the picture over at Pam's you can see a nearly identical spot which she describes as whimsical. )

As we waited for Michael to complete his paperwork, we chatted away as friend always do. We were only vaguely aware of an overweight fellow in Bermuda shorts edge in behind us up against the pillar.

"You would think that the owners would have wanted to name it something more exciting," I exclaimed in wide-eyed wonder. "This is so remarkable that the name "Wynn" just doesn't describe it at all."

Just then, the fat guy in the Bermuda shorts, who had his behind firmly planted against the pillar, ripped the most amazing 'stinker' that either of us had the misfortune ever to hear. It resonated against the cold marble and probably blew the shirt up his back.

There was only a brief pause on Beth's part.

"I totally agree.' she was straight faced and self controlled. "A more appropriate name would have been The Breaking Wynnd."

As for the rest of the trip, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


Shauna said…
LOL - - -Beth has an awesome sense of humor! ! ! !LOL
Pass the Torch said…
HA! I bet you all beat it out of there pretty quickly;)
Heather said…
Ha! Thanks for the morning laugh. But really, haven't you heard, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?
Claudia said…
hehe...That was quick!
CPA Mom said…
Was he thinking the pillar would absorb the fart or something? What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas indeed. Thanks for the chuckle.
Amanda said…
I've always loved Beth - she is a great lady! :)
BarnGoddess said…


your friend Beth sounds like a hoot :) I like her sense of humor
Vicki said…
He was holding that fart just for you!

I have a friend like Beth. I also have a friend who would say "Vicki! Did you just FART?"
Karmyn R said…
At least the guy wasn't wearing polyester pants for the reverberation effect. (is that even a word?)
Kathleen Marie said…
I would have to totally agree! Ha!
Susan in va said…
BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! What's so funny about this is that a friend of mine (who owns an advertising agency) was going to be pitching ideas to the Wyndham hotel chain last year. He asked my husband and me to put our heads together and forward him any slogan ideas we had - "Breaking Wynd" was one of them! Our ideas kept going downhill after that one!
Pam said…
OMG....you gotta be kiddin' me.
Holy mackanoli.

I can't believe what some people will do....

I'm sincerely stunned and amazed. And laughing.
Thanks for the shout out.
We shoulda done Vegas together!!

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