What are the things that you "remember"

The hubby and I drove the six hours drive home from The Buttercup's birthday party on Sunday with smiles on our faces and very snug jeans. Alot of fun and too much food.

During one of our many conversations he brought up how he reminisced while viewing a page in one of Karmyn's scrapbooks. I could hear the emotion in his voice, so I paid close attention.

"That page about holding hands," he spoke softly, "really made me miss those moments when my girls would grab my hand and hold on. Maybe it was just to walk down the street, or to have help getting out of the van. Any time they held on tight I felt touched."

He was quiet for a moment and then added,

"I felt so proud, and so needed, and so loved."

I was sure I saw a tear glistening in his eye. He's not ashamed to cry when something moves him.

Apparently, remembering a favorite function of fatherhood is one of those.

What are the things you remember?


Anonymous said…
Since my kids are still small, I can't share any memories yet, however, my mother (who lives just down the street from me) constantly reminds me how quickly children grow up. These daily reminders have helped me step back, soak in, and appreciate each and every moment - when they hold onto my leg and won't let go, when their tears soak the shoulder of my shirt, or when they cry my name in the middle of the night. I've said to my mom "I just wish my house would stay clean" and she somberly replies "One day it will", reminding me that I'll miss the messy house one day when no one is there to mess it up.

I love this post - it brought tears to my eyes. I also love your new avatar, pretty lady ;)
Pass the Torch said…
That was really beautiful. You have quite a hubby, there. I remember so many things.

One is how my kids as babies would fall asleep with me on the couch. Sometimes that was the only way we would both get rest at the same time. They were so warm and cuddly. And I'd wake up all sweaty with a mushy pink baby squished on my chest;)
Amanda said…
Dad had ME in tears when he said that... I hadn't ever thought of Dad missing his little girls.

You know what I miss?? I miss being able to ride on dad's back like he is a horsey. And I miss being home when I am sick.
Karmyn R said…
We all choked up after dad read that page -

now that my children are out of babyhood - I miss those chubby little baby cheeks and toothless mouths that open wide for kisses.
ablondeblogger said…
Oh my gosh, lately I seem to remember EVERYTHING good about when my kids were babies....none of the bad. I've got that itch to have another baby really, really bad!

I know my husband's favorite memory is the nighttime feedings, believe it or not. He'd rock them in the rocking chair, and he told himself then to savor every moment because it wouldn't last forever. Now, he cherishes those memories, as hard as it was to get up and do a feeding!
ablondeblogger said…
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Jenn said…
I remember holding my daddy's hand and how nice it felt. I always felt secure when we were walking together.
willowtree said…
I remember the sense of abandonment I felt when I was sent to live with my Grandparents so my mother could go back to work. And they didn't live just down the road either.

I'm sorry, was that a bit of a downer?
willowtree said…
Oh, Pamela, I wrote something about your new avatar (I like it) on Amanda's blog (that was the moment I realised it was you).

And I've also just realised that now Amanda seems to have a new one two, as does Karmyn (although not here)
Sunrunner said…
Beautiful post!

I miss when my kids were small enough to really snuggle, and I'll miss it when my youngest finally grows completely out of it.
Shauna said…
You brought a tear to my eye!

I miss my boys being little and calling me "Mommy". . .
Laura said…
Well, now I am sort of ashamed. I sometimes get so weary of being clutched at. Lily is always reaching for me and sometimes I feel like she is one of my arms.

I will miss it when it passes. That hand holding, that clutching.
Swampwitch said…
"Some may own castles on the banks of the Rhine and hire an orchestra each evening at nine...but richer than I they will never be, I had a Dad who spent time with me.
--memories from childhood
C said…
My son is only 5 but I have many things to remember when I get old. We were looking at the magic 8 ball - you know that you shake and ask a question. Well now they have a Bratz ball. I asked the Bratz ball if I would win the lotter and its hazy reply was Groove It. My son shook the 8 ball that was not Bratz and did not read or show me the answer but giggled. I asked what he asked it and he said if he could marry his mommy one day. I just smiled. He is so sweet.
Julie said…
Well, I can almost guarantee the next time I am with my Dad I will be grabbing his hand. I miss hanging out with my Dad, helping him work, watching baseball, etc. And since my grandbabies are 10 hours away, I miss hearing them call my name, "Grandma Julie," reading them stories at night and cuddling on the couch with them each morning watching videos or cartoons.
kailani said…
For Girlie Girl, I hope I always remember how she loves to hug and kiss me. She could be in the middle of eating dinner and she'll get up and ask if she can hug me.

For Baby Bug, I want to remember the look on her face when she wakes up and sees me. Her smile of pure joy and light in her eyes always moves me.
Pam said…
Well this was a 'one hanky' post. Unfortunately, I have no wonderful memories of my own childhood with my father. He wasn't a very nice man....still isn't. And I don't have any children of my own, and not likely to. But I sure can appreciate what it must be like. Brought tears to my eyes.
Thanks for popping in to my place and I ♥LOVE ♥ your new avatar. You look mahvelous dahling!!
Anonymous said…
Hi.... Pam directed me here...

I didn't grow up with a Father either. My memories of my father are very stuffy and forced. Not a pleasant time.

When my husband does things with our daughter or son, it is just so foreign to me. It doesn't feel right... even though it is. It also makes me sad... that I didn't have this experience.

Your post is excellent.
Thank you for sharing such a caring and wonderful moment. Your Husband is a lucky man to have such memories.
Heather said…
My favorite memory about being a father was teaching my kids to play baseball.
Just kidding. I have the best dad with too many good memories like tackling him or when he rubbed my eyebrows before bed or dancing in the living room while he played Lizst's Hungarian Rhapsody on the piano or when he read to us or played whiffle ball with us. Man, I need to call my Dad and tell him I love him.
Jenny said…
Oh my gosh...this brought tears to my eyes. Now if you'll excuse me...I've gotta go hold my daughters hand.

Thanks for reminding me to enjoy it!
Anonymous said…
When my son turned 5 I had a birthday party for him. A Woody With A String birthday party. ie woody from Toy Story. When I got the pictures back, looking through them I seen one and he looked so happy. He was about the blow the candles out on his cake and his face was beaming! After looking through pictures a couple times I kept going back to that picture. Then on the 3rd time around I realized he was looking at me! That look was for his Mama.
Pass the Torch said…
Hey, you -- Gorgeous new avatar!

That's all.
Robin said…
I was just remembering over at Susan's their fresh-bathed smells. I loved my children's scent.

Touch is a big thing...there was healing in my touch or my kiss that was almost as good as a Barney band-aid.

When they were tiny, I can remember how big my hand was as I rubbed their backs... I can remember their desperation and eventual satisfaction when they nursed (which I NEVEREVEREVER thought I would "enjoy").

And only when they were little...did they ask me to sing ;).
Vicki said…
could you email me directly please? I have something I think you could help me with.


by the way. Love the post today. Your husband would be someone I would want to talk to and listen to.

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