The Manastash Classic

If you like bird watching, then you might grab your binoculars and set out beside the road when avid cyclists "fly by" in one of their regional fun rides.

I googled the question, "Can Peacocks Fly?" and was assured that they do.

These two peacocks are the hubby (right) and his buddy Mike. They drove to Ellensburg, Washington and had a pleasurable day riding in what is called a " metric century."

The weather was perfect and the only pitfall was that Mike forgot his helmet. The local bike shop loaned him one and away they flew.

The route follows the Yakima River and parallels the North Cascade range.

With the sun shining and the open road calling, the boys pedaled their hearts out.

Then they hurried home and had just enough energy left for baked chicken, stuffing, gravy and red potoatos.


Amanda said…
Men and Bikes.

Looks like a scenic tour!
willowtree said…
How does a cyclist forget his helmet?

The hubby looks to be in pretty good shape (round). Just kidding!! Anyone who can go on a ride like that leaves me for dead.
Pamela said…
solid muscle!

We compliment each other --- he's a rock and I'm shakey puddin'
C said…
I grew up riding my bike for hours and now I'm shaky puddin' too..but I love the whole cycling feeling. I may just take my bike out for a spin...around the block!
Karmyn R said…
The ride looked like fun for dad - and now you've answered the question - Yes, pigs can fly, when they are riding their bikes....too funny. Where did you find that thing?
texas haijin said…
i love the banner for your blog.
Julie said…
Like your photo of the "peacocks." I admire them for doing that. I ended up just giving my Mom my bike because she said she wanted to start riding more. Now she is doing with it what I did, nothing. :)
rose said…
Pam I love your scenery pictures Your Hubby must be in real good shape to ride like that Rose
Susan in va said…
Great pics, Pamela! My brother is an avid biker - I don't know how he stands all of the rude drivers, though.
Pass the Torch said…
I really want to do something like this. My brothers and sisters do huge bike trips about once per year. And now I have a good bike. AND so do my kids!

I'm afraid I'd look too much like the pig, though;)
kailani said…
I give them credit riding those bikes! And how funny is the little piggy! I guess he's "wheeling" all the way home!
Vicki said…
I always wanted a peacock. Knowing this my husband seen the perfect opportunity to fullfill that wish when he seen a lone Peacock strutting down the side of the highway. A house not for miles and miles away. He stopped and caught it! He comes barreling down the driveway honking his horn. I run out to the porch thinking his arm must be cut off and he's bleeding to death to cause such a racket! I seen the most adorable sight. My husband bringing home a Peacock for his wife. He had ahold of the legs with one hand and was driving with the other. The Peacock was flapping it's wings in his face and spurring my husband all the way home. Much better than bringing home roses I'd say.

2 days later the Peacock came up missing. The plethra of Labs that live at my house won't look me in the eye to this day.
Heather said…
Great pics. The one with the bikes against the brick wall is a good shot.
I don't do bike riding very well. Let's see, after a 10 yr hiatus, I took up a bike in San Francisco. Using the loo afterwards caused much pain. (Good part - I used this in my novel.) Then, another five or six year break. My husband forced me on one on our honeymoon. I thought I was going to die. Small dirt road. I could hear a truck approaching. Do I turn into the trees and crash? Or hit the grill of the truck? Somehow, I survived. And I didn't crash.

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