Fall In Love

The park is just a short walk from our house.

Our daughters are going to be sad when they see this sign.

Looks like someone needs a sign like that on her fridge.

There - thats really what I was trying to photo.

There are 58 acres in this park. I forgot how many variety of trees.

Some autumn reds.

Stocking the pantry for winter.

The smaller duck pond. (Same size ducks, smaller pond)

The Band Stand Gazebo.

Picking a bouquet.

For my coffee table.


Amanda said…
Love the Bouquet... it is beautiful! :) Also LOVE the reflection picture!!
Bibi said…
Got to love autumn! I picked fallen leaves and put them on my desk and everyone laughed at me...glad to see someone else picks them!!
Heather Plett said…
Looks like a lovely park. What a great shot of the squirrel!
Claudia said…
Great pics..I like the shadows!!
However, I must add..your house is so clean! No wonder you can gather leaves and display them! In my place, they would disappear into a pile of anything lying around,and I would probably find them a few months from now...moldy and gross!!
Anonymous said…
I just love your photos. Since it's still in the upper 80s here, seeing your pictures reminds me there's a whole other world out there!
Shauna said…
The park is absolutely gorgeous. . .What a wonderful place to go and just relax!
Anonymous said…
I love the shadow picture! So perfect.
Karmyn R said…
Beautiful pics -

But "no feeding ducks?" all my childhood memories have just been slammed into the sidewalk.
Robin said…
LOVE the shadow pic.

LOVE the squirrel pic.

I have never made a bouquet of fall leaves, but can't get enough of the diverse color this time of year. What a FANTASTIC idea to bring it indoors! I'll have to go outside my yard, though :(. We used to have some beautiful trees at our house in SC--maple and oak--and their fall show was breathtaking. I sure do miss 'em.
Jeanette said…
lovely Photo's and a lovely walk close to home too gather those lovely autumn leaves i just love the squirrel and the shadow nice photography.
Pamela said…
My favorite is the smaller duck pond.

I have picked up individual leaves and stuck them in my ficus tree at work.
I wonder if the custodian found them over the weekend ):

The night after we took these pictures we had a heavy frost. So I'm sure there have been amazing changes in one day.
~grey said…
Beautiful photo's...

I just loved the smaller duck pond... and the comment had me giggling.

Love all the colours and emotions... that you've captured.
Helene said…
tyvm for the birthday wish! That was great!

I love the photos...that squirl made me smile!
Vicki said…
how sweet to go for a walk with your husband. Ilike the shadow picture. I took one yesterday of myself and was wondering who was standing behind me casting such a wide shadow? Yours looks fine. =)

Tomorrow I'm posting bout the walk my husband and I went on. We watched the goat make moves on the girl goat. hmmm not what you think it is I tell ya!
Susan in va said…
Nice pictures! My favorite was the squirrel picture - it kind of looks like me cramming an entire chocolate doughnut in my mouth!
C... said…
Your squirrel picture reminds me of the squirrel I saw today but the one I saw was dead. A cat was seen leaving the vicinity so perhaps we interrupted his snack. :(
SongBird said…
Great pictures! My favorite is the squirrel. They are such cute little critters. Love your bouquet of leaves, too!
Yvonne said…
What a beautiful park! Love the photo of the squirrel!!
Samantha said…
Fall is my absolute favorite time of year, so I love these pictures! I love to visit the park with my 4 year old twin daughters this time of year! Love the squirrel picture, but my favorite is also the small pond. We feed the ducks every chance we get here, I'm sorry that you and your daughter cannot do that :(
Anonymous said…
Great pictures!!

I LOVE Fall, its my favorite season.

The squirrel pic was my fave :)

Kris Underwood said…
Love that reflection picture-the tree.

The squirrel was cute, too.

Beautiful park-kind of like VT.
M@ said…
That certainly is some beautiful landscape. As someone from Vermont, I'd have to disagree. I think the Pacific northwest looks quite different from the northeast but that's just my take. Beautiful in its own way.
Anonymous said…
love, love, love it! Beautiful pictures. I love ducks! They are so fun, but so sad that you can't fatten them up!

BTW - you've been tagged!
Unknown said…
Awesome pics Pamela.
wow.... such a nicely landscaped park.

CyberCelt said…
Love the second pond picture.
Biker Betty said…
What a beautiful place to walk. I love your photo with the tree reflection.

Happy Autumn, Betty :)
Malissa said…
wonderful photos:)
I love Autumn!!

Great idea to put the pretty leaves in a basket!
I miss the turning of the leaves -- my lawn gets green in the autumn |(
great pictures. I love the squirrel and the picture of the shadows in the water.
here for Blogging Chicks
Anna Venger said…
Oh, my. Truly breathtaking pictures. Thank you for sharing them.

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