Bibbity Bobbity Boo..... Tag

When Shauna tagged me with the meme "Five Famous Oddities about Myself" I was sure she had me confused with somebody else. There's nothing odd about me. Nothing at all!

I had a lot of fun reading hers as well as the odds of Amanda, Karmyn, Pete, MJ, Susan, Tiffany, and I'm sure there are more of you............... (I've just amazed myself at how many links I could get in one post!)

They really did reach some apogees with their memes....mine will stink in comparison.

My first oddity is that it seems that no matter what the conversation is about, when I am in the room it always leads to something that has to do with poo. Just last night we were having dinner with Mike and Kim while talking about the lovely fall foliage and colorful falling leaves. Kim said it brought back childhood memories of one weekend that she and her father gathered leaves from the whole neighborhood and piled them high in their northern California back yard. Monday, after school, she dropped her books on the kitchen table and went looking for her dad. Her calls for him were answered by a muffled and barely audible "I'm right here." It took her several trips around the house to finally realize that he was under the pile of leaves. If you knew Kim, you would be able to visualize her pint-size body taking a running leap and tackling her dad where he was buried. There was rolling and wrestling and screaming and laughing and then a gasped "uh, oh" from her dad that stopped the frolic. Apparently the neighbors dogs had been curious about the leaf mountain as well. The doggy doo was smeared all over her dad and even in her hair. Like I said, we were eating dinner. Gag.

I find it odd, and bothersome, that whenever I order a salad at a restaurant I inevitably get the core of the lettuce. Do any of you ever put the core of the lettuce in your home tossed salad? Why does a salad chef do that? And why do I always get it? You can ask the hubby if this is not the truth. The server sees me coming and puts "lettuce core" on the order. And speaking of lettuce, did you see in the news today that there is now a big concern that cow manure has contaminated the recent ice-burg lettuce crop. Cow Manure? Oh... Gag.

Odd dogs like me. I don't mean that they just wag their tails and let their tongues hang out in appreciation. I am liked much better than that. When I visit people with dogs I have to dance around or sit on my legs on the couch to keep those canines from doing what dogs do to peoples legs. My step-sister-in law says of her dog, "oh he never does that" while she tries to grab his collar and pull him off my pant leg. When I'm walking down the street dogs jerk free of their leashes and make a break for me. The story is always the same: "Oh, I'm so sorry. My dog never has done that before." All the while I'm thinking "get me home so I can throw these pants in the wash machine. . . . " I've heard that dogs have cleaner mouths than humans, but there is no "kissing" involved in this scenario. Oh.... Gag.

It is probably odd that when we are traveling down a country road that I have this need to "moo" at the cows. The hubby tries to speed up the car but I usually get the electric window rolling before he grasps the situation. My daughters were always embarrassed. I think that the gene has been passed because I believe one of them is a closet 'moooer.' Mooing at cows in a closet is not a pleasant thought. Well, I mean if the cow is also in the closet. That reminds me of when our middle daughter wanted to bring a cow home. She was probably six at the time. We asked her where we would keep a cow at our house. "In my bedroom." I asked her, "Where would it -- ya know-- do the cow pie thing?" And she said, "My waste basket." Oh.. Gag.

One physical oddity I have is that my head and neck can move as though unhinged from my shoulders. I can hold my body perfectly still and then allow my neck to slide sideways in such a way that my head looks like it's sliding back and forth on my shoulders. Then in opposition I am able to hold my head still while my neck allows my body to move back and forth. This trick has gotten more difficult to do as I have grown older. In fact everything is more difficult to do as I grow older.

Well, Bibbity Bobbity Boo, this last one I made it through with no poo!


Amanda said…
Well, I don't MOO but I meer purr. Same concept, I guess. LoL

Thanks for sharing how ODD you are. I always knew it, but I am glad these folks know it now, also!
C said…
Ohh poo and i was to hear that it's gotten harder to poo in your older age. Maybe that's gotten easier or well let's just stop there before ... it gets too gross.
carbunclefrank said…
hi pamela
Thanx for the visit. I havent read them all yet but your stories are interesting. If I had to list my oddities, I would be writing for too long. It would probably be easier to list a normality, if I had one. enjoy your day
Shauna said…
LOL on the Mooing at the cows. . .When Bud and Scoop were little and even sometimes now, Birddog would honk and wave at the cows. . .
I want to see a picture of the neck thing! ! !
Pass the Torch said…
I'm all for odd. Normal is so...normal.

And you're funny, too. Funny odd is a very good thing;)

Thank you for your thoughtful comment on my post yesterday!
C. said…
oh...the mooing at the cows is funny! but I want to see the neck thing!!!
Jenn said…
I also moo at the cows and neigh at the horses. My mom is the one who started it, blame her for my oddness.
Susan in va said…
I get the lettuce cores too!! I hate that! The dog thing made me LOL - mostly because I know exactly what you're talking about. Dogs do the same thing to me, and I am NOT a dog person. I have always been horribly uncomfortable around them, and yet, for some reason they feel compelled to hang all over me....maybe that's why I'm uncomfortable around them!

Melissa said…
I always get that piece of lettuce! And I love your pictures, they are so cute. :)
Karmyn R said…
Okay - you ratted me out. Yes, I am the "mooer" - I learned it from you.
M J said…
My sister has that problem with dogs. My dog in particular, who really doesn't normally do that sort of thing, will start humping her as soon as he sees her. I find it hilerious.

(I moo at cows too)
Biker Betty said…
My husband and myself have both been known to moo at cows, lol. In regards to the center of the lettuce, those "bags" of lettuce that you buy at the store are half full of the stuff. Just the other night I was moaning about it. I hate it!

I loved reading about your oddities. Gave me my morning chuckle :)
Vicki said…
I understand about the Poo. My odd thing is sweet in a weird kind of way. If there is someone in the room with a mental handicap, they are my instant friend. They find me. They love me. They want me to call them at home. They tell me everything. The tell everything is the best part.
Pamela, your aviator picture looks like Mary Tyler Moore. =)I've been meaning to tell you that.
kailani said…
You're right, those are pretty odd things. You moo at cows? Do they understand what you're trying to say? LOL!

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