$2.59 per gallon.

If you travel in Oregon, not only do the station attendants fill your tank, they wash your windows, too.

When I was a small child I remember hopping into the car every Sunday morning to drive into town with my dad. We always had two tasks. The first one was to buy the Sunday edition of the Seattle Times. The other one was to fill the gas tank of our little Nash Rambler.

Dad always said, "I'm going to stop at the fillin' station." The attendant would check your oil, tire pressure, and top off the tank with a smile.

There was a station a short distance from our country home, but dad wouldn't stop there and he wouldn't let his kids go there either. We called it "Browns Store." There weren't any convenient stores in those days - but many neighborhoods had the little grocery and filling station combo. I'll have to ask one of my siblings if they know why Dad had feuded with the old guy. For whatever reason, we never bought gas from Mr. Brown.

'Gas Wars' had nothing to do with the middle east or Venezuela. It was a term that was used to describe the dropping of the price per gallon to compete for customers.

Dad was tickled when he filled his tank at 19 cent per gallon.

One unpleasant thing I remember about that ride to town was getting car sick. Looking back I now believe that it was the ink that was used to print the newspaper, which I usually held in my lap. Although, my dads driving may have been suspect.

Earlier this fall the highest price I paid per gallon was $3.19, self-serve. I felt kind of sick and I didn't even have a newspaper in my lap.


kailani said…
I remember them before everything turned self-serve. The were called service stations for a reason.
Julie said…
It is so funny that you posted on this. We were on our way home the other night and I asked why we didn't have service stations anymore. We have one in town but I have been a little afraid to have them pump my gas. Gas prices are high enough and I don't know their price. They don't have it posted. This winter I may change my mind though. :)
Claudia said…
Here in Santa Barbara the price is usually about 30-50 cents more then most other places. I hate that. and that is at some of the cheaper stations. it's incredible that they can get away with it.
Devon said…
There is one gas station about 20 miles from my home and I always go there. The owner is always there and insists on pumping the gas and cleaning your windows. No extra charge plus he charges about 5-10 cents less than the stations nearby! You just have to support that kind of service!!
Amanda said…
That poor guy is thinking, "Why is this LADY taking MY picture? I am only washing her windows!" ha ha

Gas prices are horrible... I remember my freshman year of high school, gas was .89 and I could fill my bug for $12-$13 tops. Oh, those were the days.

When we buy a new car, we are thinking about going hybrid. Doing our part, as best we can, to save the earth that provides for my family.
Karmyn R said…
I'm sorry - where in Oregon were you?

If I go to Chevron (who charges me 10cents more a gallon) I can get my windows washed.

If I go to Arco (who charges me 10cents less a gallon) there isn't any clean windows when I leave.

I'll wash my own damn windows for that price.
Karmyn R said…
OH - and Amanda, I remember when the little VW bug could be filled for $5.
Swampwitch said…
I love the look on that young man's face as you took his picture. Wonder what he is thinking and would he ever believe he's on the internet today?
On our marathon trip, we paid less that $2 a gallon in Oklahoma. Glad you didn't have to ride with the Hansman...you might have gotten way more than car sick.
Masago said…
...a great read, brought back memories. Thank you.
Shauna said…
Thanks for sharing the memories Pamela. . .I can remember my parents getting gas for $.50 a gallon. . .
Jeanette said…
Gday Pamela
Thanks for visiting and your comments I still get service To fill up but not much longer as its getting a new managerso will be a do it yourself I suppose.'Last week we were paying $1.37litre and its now $1.25litre there nearly 4 aussie litres to the Gallon its predicted to be over the$i.50 litre by Christmas.
I will return often as i hope you will well im off to visit Aunt Fern
Vicki said…
Yes! Just like that!!!!

Birds and Mice. They are DARTY. They move about quickly and you don't know where they will land.

I'm glad to see it's catching on. It's something I must tell when birds or rodents are mentioned.

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